Wirt - The Peg-Legged Boy

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Everyone knows Wirt's Leg is used to access The Secret Cow Level right?  I have news for you, in Reign of Terror Wirt is alive and well, roaming the world of Sanctuary!

Wirt is a Traveling Vendor who carries plenty of Components and Blueprints.  He can be found in many locations around Sanctuary but he is always traveling between Act I and Act II.

He has over 40 different locations, but is guaranteed to be in EVERY game.

If you would like to contribute to our ongoing list of Known Wirt Locations,  snap a screenshot of where you found him and upload your content with the form above!


Black Marsh


Cave Level 2

Claw Viper Temple Level 2


Far Oasis

Hole Level 2

Jail Lvl 2

Lost City

Maggot Lair Level 2


Pit Level 2 (in tunnel near 3 chests)

Pit Lvl 2 (in tunnel near chests)

Sewers Lvl 3

Stony Field

Stony Tomb Level 2

Tower Cellar Level 3

Tower Level 3 (right Side)


Underground Passage Level 2