What I'm working on

Patch has released!  Check the Patch Notes Section for Information and a Download Link!

Recently updated: (3.19.20)

  • Finished a complete rework of the site.  Different color palette, font, and background.

  • Updated the FAQ page with new or changed information.  Also included links where applicable.

  • Been working on getting all Sets added into the database.

  • Converting font to Grim Dawn Style font (This is a Grim Dawn Mod after all)

  • Minor Fixes to text and links.



Currently Working on:​​

  • New Registration and Login page.  With member profile pages.

  • Components and Augments (For users unfamiliar with GD)

  • Search for build guides

  • Add Trinkets to hidden ubers (Well examples of all the different currently available ones

  • Character Class' and Skills  (Yes there will be information about each class and skill)

  • Search Site function

  • Optimize for mobile (yes mobile)


  • NPC pages

  • Quest-line from start to finish (In case you get stuck on something!)

  • Editing allow by members on every section of every page (Yes just like a real Wiki, this will require account creation)

  • A Special Unannounced Project.  This is a game changer.  When I have something to show, I will show it.

If you would like to see something added, or if something is wrong.  You can contact me at Uncensored on discord, or email me at jaredmstewart@outlook.com