Special Thanks
Thank you for all you've done
  • Ram - For having a passion for Diablo II to the point where he decided to create this mod.  Without him none of this would be possible.  The sheer mount of work you have put into this mod is amazing and astonishing.   I personally Thank You on behalf of the community.  What you have given to us from your commitment can not be expressed in words.  For pointing me in the right direction when I asked certain questions about assets.

  • Zakknaphen -   For being the first person to offer help to Ram.  For their work on assets, maps, and general fixes.  For his part in Act III, IV, V.  For Mythical Diablo II Items, HoS, Diablo III, 3rd party models and animations porting.  (I have not personally met this dude, but the way Ram spoke so highly of him we should all give this guy a big "Thank You")

  • FluffyUnicorn -   For his focus on maps.  For his part in Act III, IV, V, and Hidden Ubers.  For his part in custom environmental assets.  For coming back about a six month break to continue working where he left off.  (Another person I have not personally met, but the guy deserves a big "Thank You" from all of us. )

  • sonophilos - For all the balancing., QoL, and bug fixing.  For the jokes and laughs in discord.  Its good to have you back.  I know you have a lot planned for us.  For compiling the assets I am using to create the equipment database.  You have been one of the biggest help to me through this project.  Thank You again for being a friend.  Thank You for including me in some Dev stuff and "Crash Course" you gave me. Thank you for listening to my Rants when I need to Rant.  You definitely help keep the fire under my ass to keep pushing this website and mod forward.  For genuinely caring through all the crazy shit that is going on in the world.

  • Roth - For taking over as lead Dev.  For giving use the RoT Launcher (even tho for some its slow :P).  For giving us future content to look forward to.  We miss you, but know once your back, you'll be back and pushing out content.

  • Denismashutikov - For allowing RoT to use his D2 Classes Mod, For all the cinematics, DII Classes, skills, uniques, and set items

  • Warebare, Owlheart, and Marnotravny Skurw*syn - For all the lua scripts, Rot Loading screens, and custom textures.  (I personally have never met these guys, but needed to thank them.)

  • Jay_Deelicious - For all he does for the Discord community.  For giving me the opportunity to join the team as Community Adviser  and show my commitment to the community through this website.

  • Skyrau - For creating the original wiki, giving me a good base to start with along with all the pictures of the zones (I did Act V and it took forever, mad props for doing Acts I - IV)

  • Birds - For taking the "Starting Guide" seriously.  That was a huge help and a big undertaking.

  • Mika the Potato - For the screenshots I asked for.

  • Dalvmin - For offering help on anything I need, for providing his expertise on certain subjects

  • BaronButtStuff - For his tremendous help on the item database.  This is a big one.  Appreciate the work you have done!  Also, Thank You for being a friend.  For actually genuinely caring through all the crazy shit that is happening in the world.

  • Build Creators - For testing the build up-loader, giving me suggestions and feedback

  • The Community - For being great people, for giving me something to be passionate about through all the positive that is given.  You guys are awesome, each and every one of you.  I hope to be here working on this site for the foreseeable future


If you would like to see a more detailed list of what each person did  visit the Discord and make your way to the #dev-team channel.  Ram has made a very detailed list for everyone.

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