The Shattered Realm
Shattered Conclave

The Shattered Conclave is the hub for which you can enter the Shattered Realm.  This hub is home to everything you need if you want to run the Shattered Realm all day, or hours on end.

The Shattered Realm is the Grim Dawn equivalent to Diablo 3's Greater Rifts, in a sense.

This is the only place in the RoT Mod where monster levels scale higher and higher.

Shattered Realm is only accessible on Hell Difficulty

Entering the Shattered Conclave

You craft Shattered Waystones, or Waystones using the Anvil, which can be found in the top right of the Shattered Conclave.

I have personally found Shattered Realms to be the best way to gear for endgame, if you can stand the mindless grind.

Running Destruction Waystones to unlock the 90th shard, and then running the 90th shard, ending and collecting loot is what I have found to be most efficient, for me at least.  You can obviously try your own!

Note* Shattered Realm has been changed to only allow access on Hell Difficulty (Patch

To start, you need to enter the Rogue Encampment and find the house right beside the waypoint.

You'll find a trap door in the lower right corner, open it and go in.

From there you will be in the basement and have two options, in two different rooms.  The first room (the one that you'll spawn into) has the green portal to the Shattered Conclave.

The Second room will be talked about in The Secret Cow Level and Ubers

Once in the Shattered conclave, there is a bunch of different things we will go over. 

For starters,  the middle is where the portal to the Shattered Realm will spawn once it opened.

You're going to open it by talk to Mazaan, who will have some dialog, but its self-explainable.

Once in the Shattered Realm, it will be broke into two parts, Shards and Chunks.

There are 4 Chunks in a Shard,  You'll complete 3 Chunks, then the 4th one will contain bosses.  Once you clear all 4 Chunks you'll get the open to End the run, or continue higher.

Once your complete your first 5 shards, as in Shards 1 - 5, you will get the option to craft a "Shattered Waystone".  

The Shattered Waystone can be crafted at any anvil in RoT and is use to "skip" the shards you've already completed.  

Here is a video on how exactly to craft the different waystones. *Note, My mic volume was low, so turn your sound up.

*After you complete the first 5 Shards, You will be able to Craft and Run Waystone of Terror / Destruction and start all the way at the 80th Shard.*

Every 5 shards, you'll get the option to start at that point.

Example: 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, etc.

You will also be able to use the Shattered Waystone, along with a Waystone of Destruction, or Waystone of Terror (Both are also crafted at an anvil) to receive new dialog from Mazaan.

The new dialog will allow you to start all the way at the 80th Shard (For destruction), or the 95th (For Terror).

Terror and Destruction work the same way as a Waystone, once you complete the 80th-85th shard, you'll be given the option to start at the 85th shard, and so on up to the 90th shard (for destruction).

The same goes for Terror, 90th - 95th shard complete?  You'll recieve the option to start at the 95th shard, and so on.

You can end your time in the Shattered Realm after any Shard, when you decide to end you will be taken through a portal to collect your reward.


Loot from one SR90

NPCS / Vendors

There are only a few notable NPCs located in the Shattered Realm

  • Mazaan, Keeper of Portals - Opens the portal to the Shattered Realm

  • Ram - Gossip, clues about Hidden Foe throughout Sanctuary

  • Garrus, Keeper of Iron: Is used to exchange bits for Iron Bars (This is used for transferring gold from one character to another. 

  • Lancel the Knight: Used to remove illusions

  • Kory the Keeper: Also used to remove illusions