Latest Patch Notes


- Fixed Level 20 Vigor scaling.
- Adjusted the way Mysterious keys are shown on the minimap.
- Moved Blade Sentinel back to its correct skill Tier.
- Fixed Baal taking reduced damage after 50%.
- Might of the Howl has been changed to only Buff the Wolf who cast it.
- Act 3 spider summons should now be the appropriate level for your character.
- Adjusted Cave 2 to Cave 1 bottom entrance
- Fixed Uber Duriel having no animations
- Fixed +10 Mana on Mythical Mavina's Embrace's Multi-shot modifier to +10 Mana Cost


Patch Changelog

Made sure current versions read Normal / Nightmare / Hell / Normal+ (
Added Icon for Mysterious Key drop to minimap
Added “Used in…..” to Rainbow Facets description
Added a couple new loading tips for newer players
Made Components able to be used on Bows
Increased Health Pot stack size to 1000
Fixed D2 sound for Mana and Health Pots
Shattered Realm has been limited to Hell Difficulty only now.
Shattered Realm chest drop rates have been adjusted slightly.
The Horadric Cube was increased in size (on the ground) and given a floating icon to help new players better see where it is.
Fixed the goblin spawn
Druid and Torch Firestorm received a new FX
Sorceress Firewall and Blaze received a new FX
Lowered Poison Bolt damage from Oblivion Knights in Act 4
Added Training Dummy in Kurast Docks
Moved Training Dummy in Harrogath from next to stash to next to Qual-Kek
Added Illusionists Mirror to Harrogath, next to Deckard Cain
Mob Density has been increased in a handful of places around the world.
Normal and NM Ancients reward now grants experience instead of a level, Hell is the same.

Fixed Pet builds one-shotting Ubers due to Iron Maiden Reflect
Uber Duriel:-Removed knockdown on this tornado skill resulting in no more “Getting Stuck”
Baal (Act 5):-Lowered all his elemental resistances to be in line with other bosses.
Uber Trist-Reverted back to old spawn layout. Each Uber has a "zone", they will not pursuit too far anymore-This is to combat players bundling them together and shotgunning with fragmenting skills (Strafe and Lightning Fury)
Deathclaw-Damage bug was fixed-Increased Pursuit distance and time
Skeleton King-Increased Pursuit distance and time.
Normal Blood Raven was scaled down a bit

World Bosses
Created to be a challenge between Cow King and Hidden Ubers
25 brand new World Bosses have made their home throughout Sanctuary. Explore prior unfarmed areas to find them.
They are available in all difficulties, but scale with your level.
Skills damage / buffs / debuffs all scale according to your level
They each come with a new set of skills.
Currently the only place to find Legendary Components, and New Chase Items (3)
Each zone should contain a chest (Not a 1-shot)
These are Immune to any Crushing Blow (% Reduction to Life)

Arcane Sanctuary had work done to try and combat items falling off the edge.
Added 19 new side zones to accommodate the new Mini Bosses
Pathing was blocked in a few Shattered Realm zones, please report these as you find them.
Increased Mob density in the Pits Level 1 and 2
Increased Mob density in Canyon of Magi
Increased Mob density in numerous places in Act 3 (Mainly underground zones)
Pits Level 1 and 2 had their Zone Levels increased to 94, making them a good farming alternative.

Modifiers-We introduced modifiers on a great number of items. We hope this greatly increases the amount of viable end-game options.
There were a lot of changes made to items, some of the changes may have gotten lost in translation, so if you do not see a change listed it could still have been changed.
All runes were updated with brand new pet bonuses.
Facet types with DoT received their corresponding % DoT value now.
Facet Pet Bonuses received their corresponding % DoT values.
Acid to Cold facet that currently reads "Lightning to Cold" has been fixed.

All Class Sets have been updated.
Mythical Class Sets have been added to the game
All Mythical Sets drop from World Bosses, Lesser and Prime Evils
Each set has a "Theme", if you do not see a theme for your playstyle do not worry, we have new sets being worked on currently.
Mythical Immortal King's-Barbarian Class Set focused around 2-Handed Melee
Mythical Tal Rasha's-Sorceress Class set focused around underused Elemental Sorceress Skills (Frost Nova, Nova, Meteor)
Mythical Natayla's-Assassin Class set focused around Pierce and Physical damage-Focused around Blade Fury, Blade Sential, and Claws of Thunder
Mythical Trangs-Necromancer Class set focused around Necromancer Pets
Mythical Aldur's-Druid Class set focused around Druid Pets
Mythical M'avina's-Amazon class set focused around Bow skills
Mythical Bul-Kathos-General sword set focused around Physical and Pierce
Mythical Griswolds-Paladin Class set focused around Magic and Physical damage-Focused around underused Paladin Skills (Blessed Hammer, Holy Bolt, and Fist of the Heavens)
Tal Rasha's Mask received new Redesign credits: @Stainless_Dagger

New Crossbow Set-"Thoughts of the Old Gods"-Added to the general drop table
New Set-Royal Bone Armaments-Pierce and Magic based set-Focusing around Sword and Board and Retaliation-Added to the general drop table
New Set-Palashi's Noxious Vestments-Poison and Vitality based end-game set-Aimed towards Poison Javelin, but can very well be used for a number of other skills and classes-Added to the general drop table
Added Mythical Versions of all Javelins
Added new Bitmaps and Textures to a few Javelins
Increased drop chance for Javelins
Legendary Components-New Components with Powerful stats-Can be found only from World Bosses in Hell difficulty-Created to compete with Facets in the Amulet Spot-These are set-up to be able to be ranked up in future patches.
A number of Diablo items have received Pet Bonuses
All Bows that previously granted Attack Speed now also Grant Cast Speed

Fortitude-Chilling Armor was replaced with a version of Frozen Armor that has everything Chilling Armor had besides Ice Bolt procs (They caused crashing)-Added Flat Phys and Elemental-Increased base armor on all types
Delirium-Added a max movement speed modifier to combat the shrink in size.
Call to Arms-Battle Order and Battle Command both received a toggleable buff to match the skill from Barbarian
Warshrike-Increased base damage-Added modifiers to Double Throw and Blade Sentinel-Added +3 to Double Throw and Blade Sentinel, +1 to All skills
Windforce-Increased base physical damage-Increased AP to 100%-Removed % Physical modifier-Increased % Pierce modifier-Added Modifiers to Strafe, Fire Arrow, and Cold Arrow
Steel (Mace)Lowered Attack Speed-Lowered Weapon Damage equal to sword-Lowered Bleed Value
Steel (Sword)Lowered Attack Speed-Lowered Bleeding Damage-
Venom Runeword-Increase to Poison Damage-Added % Poison Damage-Increased Weapon Damage-Added Attack Rating
Beast-Lowered Bleed Value
Crescent Moon (1 Hander)-Lowered Bleed Value-Added Pet Bonus
Destruction (1 Handed)-Removed Magic Damage-Added Flat Fire-Increased Volcano from level 14 to 20-Added % Fire Damage
Destruction (2 Handed)-Removed Magic Damage-Added Flat Fire Damage-Increased Volcano to level 40-Increased Base Weapon Damage-Added % Fire Damage
Chaos-Removed Physical / Pierce Weapon Stats-Added % Magic Damage-Added a small % cold Damage
Doom (1 Handed)-Remove Bleeding Damage-Added Internal Trauma damage-
Doom (2 Handed)-Removed Bleeding Damage-Added Internal Trauma Damage-Added Flat Cold Damage-Added % Cold Damage-Increased Base Damage
Eternity (1 Handed)-Added % Cold Damage-Added Max Freeze Resist-Added Cold Retaliation-Added +1 to Druid Skills-Increased Revive level to 20-Added Pet Bonus
Eternity (2 Handed)-Added % Cold Damage-Added Max Freeze Resist-Added Cold Retaliation-Added +2 to Druid Skills-Increased Revive level to 40-Added Pet Bonus
Honor (1 Handed)-Lowered Weapon Damage
Honor (2 Handed)-Lowered Weapon Damage
Ice Bow / Crossbow-Added skill modifiers to Cold Arrow-Added % Cold Damage-Removed AP Value
Exile-Increased Base Shield Damage-Added Smite modifier-Added retaliation damage-Added Defense-Added Block Value
Dream (Shield)-Removed Physical Resists
Dragonscale-Lowered + to Hydra bonus-Lowered Flat fire damage-Increased % Fire Damage-Increased Granted Hydra level
Spike Thorn-Added Retaliation damage-Added Block Value-Is now part of a New Set **We are testing this, feedback is welcome**
Radament's Sphere-Added % Poison and Acid Damage-Increased Flat damage values-Added Poison Retaliation-Added Modifier to Poison Dagger-Added + skills to Poison and Plague Javelin
Astreon's Iron Ward-Added Magic damage-Increased attack speed-Added a skill proc-Increased Minimum base weapon damage
Death’s Fathom-Added +3 Cold Mastery-Increase % Cold damage-Added Resist Reduction
Cranium Basher-Added Modifier to Bash-Added bonus to Several Barbarian Skills
Earth Shifter-Increased Damage-Added + skills to Earthquake, Volcano, and Fissure-Added Conversion-Added New Ability
Ghostflame-Added Magic Damage-Adjusted Fire Damage-Added Conversion-New Ability
Arreat's Face-Added +1 more to Barbarian Skills-Increased Physical Resistance-Increased Attack Rating-Added Mana Leech-Added Granted Skill : Berserk
Jalal’s Mane-Added +1 more to Druid Skills-Added Defense and Armor-Added Attack Rating-Added Pet Bonus
Dark Clan Crusher-Added % Physical Damage-Increased Weapon Damage-Added Racial bonus-New Ability
Boneflame-Added Pet Bonus-Added +1 to C. Necromancer Skills-Added modifier to Corpse Explosion
Darkforce Spawn-Added modifier to Bonespear-Small increase to some C. Necromancer skills
Pusspitter-Increased Poison damage-Added bonus to some Druid Skills-Added Pet Bonus
Venom Grip-Added Pet bonus
Stormshield-Added Lightning damage-Added Piercing damage-Increased Retaliation damage-New Ability
Tiamat's Rebuke-Added modifier to Vengeance-Increased % Elemental damage-New Ability
Lidless Wall-Increased Casting Speed
Nightwing Veil-Added conversion-Increased % Cold damage
Kira’s Guardian-Added missing resists to “All Resists”-Added Max Resists-Added Max Freeze Resist-Added Stun Resist-Added Life-Increased Defense
Griffon’s Eye-Increased % Lightning damage-Added Bonus to Nova-Added Bonus to Lightning Fury-Added modifier to Nova-Added New ability
Hellrack-Added bonus to Elemental bow skills-Added +1 to Sorceress Skills-Removed Attack Speed-Added Total Speed-Piercing Shots (Hidden)
Jade Talon-Increase Armor Piercing-Added flat Piercing damage-Added Poison damage-Added % Poison damage-Added bonus to Venom-Added bonus to Poison damage-Added modifier to Poison dagger
Firelizard’s Talon-Increased % Fire damage-Added bonus to Fist of Fire-Added Fire Claw bonus and modifier
Ginther’s Rift-Added +5 to Berserk (only to one of the two versions)
Grim’s Burning Dead-Added Pet bonus-Added Bonespear modifier-Added Amp damage modifier-Increased Fire damage-Increased Vitality damage
Nosferatu Coil-Added Pet bonus-Added New ability
Torch of Iro-Added Pet bonus
Gravenspine-Added Pet bonus
Ume’s Lament-Added Pet bonus
Arm of King Leoric-Added Pet bonus
Boneshade-Added Attack Rating-Added Boneshield modifier-Added Bone Spirit modifier
Death’s Web-Added bonus to Poison Nova-Added Attack Rating-Added % Defense-Added flat Poison damage
Marrowwalk-Added Pet bonus-Added Vitality damage-Added Bleeding damage
Heaven’s Brethren Set-Full rework to each piece-Full rework to set bonus
Buriza-do-Kanyon-Increased Weapon damage-Increased Piercing damage-Increased % Cold damage-Added % Piercing damage-Added modifier to Multiple Shot
Wrath (Bow / Crossbow)-Increased Decrepify level-Increased Weapon damage
Shadow Dancer-Added Dragon Talon modifier-Added Dragon Tail modifier
Bartucs-Added Dragon Claw modifier-Added Poison damage-Added Attack Rating
Chains of Honor-Lowered Racial Bonus
Dwarfstar-Full item rework-Now part of a set **These are being tested, feedback is Welcome**
Ravenfrost-Full Item rework-Now part of a set **These are being tested, feedback is Welcome**
Carrion Wind-Added Poison damage-Added Pet bonus-Bonus to several Poison related skills
Wisp Projector-Increased % Lightning damage-Increased flat Lightning damage-Added % Total damage-Added Lightning retaliation-Increased Lightning skill proc level
Nature’s Peace-New ability
Atma’s Scarab-Added Poison damage-Added % Poison damage-Added Pet bonus-Bonus to several Poison related skills-Added New ability
Rising Sun-Increased fire damage-Increased % Fire damage-Increased % Burn damage-Bonus to several Fire related skills-Increased Meteor proc chance
Highlord’s Wrath-Replaced Movement speed with Attack speed
Seraph’s Hymn-Small increase to Racial damage-+1 to all skills-Increased Attack Rating
Metal Grid-Full item rework-Now part of a new set **These are being tested, feedback is Welcome**
Cat’s Eye-Increased Dexterity-Added Critical damage
Faith-Increased Weapon Damage-Added Flat Bleed damage-Added % Bleed damage-Added + to skills-Added Attack Speed-Added Cast Speed
Edge-Fixed Thorns Aura so it can be used with Bramble Thorns-Added modifier to Multiple Shot
Bramble-Boost to Spirit of Barbs-Boost to Iron Skin-Now part of a set **These are being tested, feedback is Welcome**
Steelrend-Added modifier to Sacrifice-Added retaliation damage-Now part of a set **These are being tested, feedback is Welcome**
Veil of Steel-Added Piercing damage-Added New ability-Now part of a set **These are being tested, feedback is Welcome**
Executioner's Justice-Huge boost to Weapon Damage-Increased Attack Speed-Added Critical damage-Increased Decrepify level-Increased Defense reduction
Razors Edge-Added Bonus to Feral Rage-Added Bonus to Sacrifice-Added % Physical damage-Added Bleeding retaliation
Bloodmoon-Added modifier to Sacrifice-Added Vitality damage-Added retaliation damage
Rain-Added Pet bonus
Bone-Added Pet bonus
Earthshaker-Added modifier and boost to Tremor-Added Cast speed-Removed Fire and Cold Damage-Added Elemental damage
Ariocs Needle-Increased all skills from +2 to +4-Modifier to Poison Javelin-Modifier to Inner Sight-Poison damage boost
Black Hades-Added Pet bonus-Added Vitality damage-Added New ability
Vampire Gaze-Added modifier to Bonespear-Added Vitality damage-Added Pet bonus
Bonehew-Removed Piercing damage-Increased Weapon damage-Added New ability
Horizon Tornado-Added retaliation damage-Added modifier to Hurricane-Added New ability
Stormlash-Increased Lightning damage-Added Conversion-Added New ability
Doombringer-Added Chaos damage-Added modifier to Whirlwind-Added Modifier to Fireclaw
Demonhorn’s Edge-Added Chaos damage-Added Retaliation damage-Added modifier to Battle Cry-Added New ability
Blackhand Key-Added Fire damage-Added Conversion-Added modifier to Bone Spirit
Hellmouth-Added Chaos damage
Demon Limb-Added Fire damage-Added Chaos damage-Added Conversion-Added Enchant as a Granted Skill
Andariel’s Visage-Increased Poison damage-Added modifier to Claw Mastery
Dragon Runeword-Removed Weapon Damage from Holy Fire
Dream Runeword-Removed Weapon Damage from Holy Shock
Doom Runeword-Removed Weapon Damage from Holy Freeze
Dracul's Grasp-Replaced Life Tap with Life Steal (New skill giving % Life Damage converted to Health, Life Leech Resistance, and Resistance to Life Reduction (Crushing Blow Resistance))
Exile-Replaced Life Tap with Life Steal (New skill giving % Life Damage converted to Health, Life Leech Resistance, and Resistance to Life Reduction (Crushing Blow Resistance))
Disciple Set-Set Bonuses got a slight rework
Sazabi's Grand Tribute-Set Pieces and Set Bonuses got a slight rework
Lacerator-Added Chaos Damage-Added modifiers to Double Throw
Gimmershred-Increased Elemental damage-Added +4 to Double Throw-Added +2 Vengeance-Added +2 to Enchant
The Scalper-Increased Bleeding damage to be on par with runewords
Baranas Star-Increased Elemental Damage-Added Attack Rating
Nords Tenderizer-Increased Cold damage-Added Devouring Darkness
Moonfall-Added Cooldown Reduction-Increased Proc chance of Granted Ability-Increased Meteor level-Added fire damage to weapon-Increased % Fire damage-Added Attack Speed
Demon Machine-Added Chaos damage-Added Fire damage-Added Multiple Shot on hit-Added Fire and Explosive Arrow modifiers-Added Attack Speed
Eaglehorn-Added % Chance of Pierce damage-Increased Weapon damage-Grants Multiple Shot on Critical Strike
GoldStrike Arch-Increased Attack Speed-Added Attack Rating-Added Cast Speed
Herald of Zakarum-Added +1 to Paladin Skills-Added Retaliation damage
Death Cleaver-Added Double Swing modifier-Added +3 to Double Swing
Ali Baba-Added Trauma damage-Increased % Physical damage-Increased Flat Physical damage-Increased Critical damage
Coldsteel Eye-Added +3 to Blades of Ice-Added +3 Cold Mastery-Added Cold Conversion-Added Flat Cold damage-Increased % Cold damage
Hexfire-Added +2 to Fist of Fire-Added +2 to Fissure-Added Granted Skill-Increased % Fire damage-Increased Fire damage
Bloodletter-Added % Physical damage-Increased Weapon damage-Increased % Pierce damage
Plaguebearer-Added % Acid damage-Added % Poison damage-Increased Poison Nova level from 4 up to 6-Added Acid Conversion
Atlantean-Increased Weapon damage-Increased % Total damage-Added Flat Physical damage
Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer-Increased Flat Cold damage-Increased Attack Speed-Added Attack Rating
Frostwind-Added Cold damage-Increased % Cold damage-Added +4 to Frost Armor-Added +4 to Holy Freeze-Added +3 to Arctic Blast-Added Modifier to Arctic Blast-Added Modifier to Tornado-Added Cast Speed
Gleamscythe-Increased Cold damage-Added % Physical Damage-Added Attack Speed
Todesfaelle Flamme-Increased % Fire damage
Flamebellow-Added % Burn damage-Added Flat Burn damage-Increased % Fire damage-Increased chance and level of Firestorm-Added Modifier to Armageddon-Added Pet Bonus
Hwainns-Increased damage-Added Cold damage
Lycanders Flank-Increased Pierce ratio-Increased Piercing damage
Stormspire-Increased base damage-Increased % Lightning damage-Added % Electrocute damage-Increased speed-Increased Lightning Retaliation-Added Lightning conversion
Stoneraven-Increased weapon damage-Increased % Pierce damage-Increased % Magic damage-Added Missing Resists (Now is "All Resist")-Increased Defense-Added Increased Armor-Added Mana Leech resist
Tomb Reaver-Added All Resists-Increased damage-Increased Mana Leech-Added Life Leech DoT-Added Summon Skeleton on Kill-Added Magic damage-Added Pet Bonus
Steel Pillar-Increased Weapon damage-Increased Attack Speed-Increased % Defense-Added Mana Absorption
Viperfork-Added Acid damage-Added Poison damage-Increased Weapon damage-Increased Attack Rating
Reaper's Toll-Increased Weapon damage-Increased Decrepify Level-Increased Cold damage-Added Attack Speed
Grandfather-Increased Weapon damage-Added Max Physical Resist-Added Mana Leech resist-Increased Attributes-Added +1 to All Skills-Added +3 to Sword Mastery-Added +5 to Weapon Block-Added Modifier to Weapon Block
Ribcracker-Increased Weapon damage-Changed Weapon damage from Magic to Physical-Increased % Physical damage-Increased Defense-Increased Dexterity-Increased Speed-Added Physical Conversion
Cloudcrack-Added Pet Bonus-Added Modifier to Zeal-Added % Electrocute damage-Increased Lightning damage
Boneshade-Turned into a set-Added Bone Armor Modifier-Added Magic damage-Added Aether Cascade
Tyrael's Might-Complete redesign
Death 1 Handed-Lowered % Physical
Death 2 Handed-Increased Weapon damage-Increased % Physical-Increased Chance for Chain Lightning Proc
Ethereal Edge-Added Magic damage-Added Warcry Modifier-Added Aether Lightning Proc-Increased Weapon damage-Added Cast Speed
Bloodmoon-Added Sacrifice Modifier
Bloodsun-New Sword-Focus on Chaos damage-Souldrainer Proc-Sacrifice Modifier
Black Hades-Added Modifier for Werewolf, Hunger, and Fanatism
Vamp Gaze-Added Flat Vitality
Nosferatu's Coil-Added Life Leech DoT-Added Vitality damage-Added Bleed damage
Marrowwalk-Added Vitality damage-Added Bleed damage
Sandstorm Trek-Increased Life-Increased Run Speed-Added Dexterity-Added Critical Damage
Saracan's Chance-Added Vitality Bonuses
Heart of the Oak-Lowered % Damage to Demons-Lowered Cast Speed
Atma's Wail-Added Poison Bonuses-Added Pet Bonuses-Added new Ability "Atma's Wail"-Added Mana-Added Intelligence-Added Resists
Pusspitter-Increased Poison Nova Level-Increased Poison and Acid damage-Added Vitality to Acid Conversion
Venom Grip-Added Physical to Acid Conversion-Increased Poison damage
Atma's Scarab-Added Conversion to Acid for Pets-Added Life to Pets-Added Life Leech DoT to pets

All passive skills (Hydra, Traps, Hurricane, Paladin Auras) have had their Weapon damage removed. This is to stop leeching on those skills. This is to hopefully push players to have a more active playstyle.

Necro Skill QoL
All skills and Abilities now properly scale with pet bonuses.
Increased all minions base Attack Rating to better help with scaling in end-game. (Except Revive)
Damage has been increased slightly.
Minion animation time have been decreased (buff)
Attack, Cast, and Movement Speed have all been increased slightly.
Minion Rotation Speed has been doubled.

Raise Skeletons:
All Skills now have 150% base Weapon Damage

Skeleton Mages:
All projectile skills have received another projectile (totaling 2).
All Projectile skills have a base 15% Weapon Damage
All Projectile skills have had a %increase in damage.
Clay Golem
Received new skills:
Boulder Slide: Creates an avalanche of boulders that rain from the sky.
Clay Arc: An Arcing melee attack that does Physical and Cold Damage. Also includes a slow.
Blood Golem
Received new skills:
Boulder Slide: Creates an avalanche of boulders that rain from the sky.
Living Nova: Does a nova attack dealing Vitality Damage and has “Attack Damage Leeched as Life”-Added a Taunt
Iron Golem
Received new skills:
Boulder Slide: Creates an avalanche of boulders that rain from the sky.
Ring of Steel: Piercing Damage with a Stun.-Added a Taunt
Flame Golem
Received new skills:
Boulder Slide: Creates an avalanche of boulders that rain from the sky.
Fire Nova: Fire Damage in a Nova around the Golem-Added a Taunt
Holy Fire Aura has its damage increased slightly.
Bone Armor-Increased Damage absorption-Added Defense per level
Skeleton Mastery-Added new bonuses per level
Golem Mastery-Added new bonuses per level
Golem’s Vigor-Added Health regeneration per second per level
Golem’s Flesh-Added increase to projectile speed per level
Golem’s Flame-Added Attack Rating per level
Revive-Received a boost to damage
Bone Spear-Received a damage boost at all levels-Added Critical damage scaling-Added % Life Reduction scaling
Teeth-Increased Mana cost at all levels

Item Skills
Bul-Kathos Strike-Has been turned into a WPS-Physical and Pierce based damage
Bul-Kathos Skill (Sacred Guardian)-Decreased Damage to Demons, Undead, and Animals from 100% down to 50%

Druid Skill QoL
All skills and Abilities now properly scale with pet bonuses.
Increased all minions base Attack Rating to better help with scaling in end-game.
Damage has been increased slightly.
Minion animation time have been decreased (buff)
Attack, Cast, and Movement Speed have all been increased slightly.
Minion Rotation Speed has been doubled.

Cyclone Armor-Increased Damage absorption per level-Added defense per level
Raven-Increased summon amount-Increased Base stats-Increased Damage
Spirit Wolf-Removed Poison damage from Bite-Increased Physical and Bleed to compensate-Added 3 Targets to Bite
Dire Wolf Presence-Added Health Regeneration per level-Added Resists to pets per level (2% per level)
Dire Wolfs-Added new skill “Wolf Charge”-Added new skill “Might of the Howl”
Grizzly-Added new skill “Ground Slam”-Taunt should now work properly
Might of Grizzley-Added Bleeding Damage with % Duration-Added Attack Rating
Oak Sage Line-Reworked the line completely-Added new skill “Acid Pool”-Merged Carrion Vine and Solar Creeper into one new “Carrion Vine”-Solar Creeper now give Physical, Bleed, and Poison RR
Hurricane-Damage has been decreased slightly at lower levels, keeping it the same at higher levels-Weapon damage has been removed.
Shockwave-Now Pierces targets-Increased % Weapon damage
Spirit of Barbs-Increased Retaliation Effect
Maul-Now a 2-Handed only skill

Amazon Skills
Multiple Shot:-Increased Pierce Damage at all levels.-Added Weapon damage scaling (Lower at low levels, higher at high levels, this is a buff)
Strafe:-Increased Weapon Damage Slightly
Cold Arrow-Slight Increase in Weapon Damage
Fire Arrow-Slight Increase in Weapon Damage
Magic Arrow-Was given Weapon damage scaling
Charged Strike-Received Weapon damage scaling on all parts
Retreat-Received a complete rework-Is now a passive defensive skill
Penetrate-Added % Bleed-Added % Pierce
Fend-Added Bleeding Damage scaling
Valk-Now uses Power Strike with a Nova Proc-Blade Arc now scales all the way to 60

Barb Skills
Battle Cry-Received a -%all damage modifier-Removed -%targets defense and replaced it with - flat target defense-Added a new FX on cast.
Frenzy-Added flat reduction to defense per level-Reworked weapon damage scaling-Reworked Attack Rating scaling
Double Throw-Increased Weapon damage at all levels-Added Increased Projectile Speed
Whirlwind-Received a higher Weapon Damage scaling-Added -Flat Attack Rating scaling
Tremor-Decreased Wave Time (This produces faster Waves)-Is now a Two-Handed only skill
Mace Mastery-Added Cast Speed scaling
Stun-Is now a Two-Handed only skill-Increased Physical damage above level 25
Earthquake-Removed cooldown
Warcry-Increased Flat Physical damage
Shout-Had its % Defense decreased from 1% a level, down to .5% per level

Assassin Skills
Venom-Added Acid Damage-Increased DoT slightly
Charged Bolt Sentry-Decreased damage slightly-Removed Weapon Damage
Lightning Sentry-Decreased Lightning Bolt damage slightly-Removed Weapon Damage
Death Sentry-Decreased Lightning Bolt damage slightly-Decreased “Corpse Explosion” damage slightly-Removed Weapon Damage
Blade Sentinel-Removed Cooldown-Increased Damage
Wake of Inferno-Removed Weapon Damage-Lowered damage slightly
Wake of Fire-Removed Weapon Damage-Lowered damage slightly
Phoenix Strike-Can no longer be used with a Ranged weapon
Shadow Warrior-Now uses Fist of Fire, Claws of Thunder, Blades of Ice, and Lightning Sentry as main skills-Increased Movement, Attack, Rotation, and Cast Speed
Shadow Master-Now uses Tiger Strike, Dragon Flight, Dragon Talon, Phoenix Strike, and Wake of Fire as main skills-Increased Movement, Attack, Rotation, and Cast Speed

Paladin Skills
Zeal-Now has 3 charges (100%, 110%, and 120%)-Added Attack Speed Scaling-Increased Attack Rating-Increased Weapon Damage
Charge-Increased Movement Speed-Decreased time between attacks
Blessed Hammer-Increased Damage significantly-Increased Projectile Speed slightly(Passive)-Added Critical damage scaling-Added Damage Modified by 15%
Holy Bolt-Increased Damage significantly-Added Critical damage scaling-Added Damage Modified by 15%
Fist of Heavens-Increased Magic Damage-Added % Magic / Lightning damage scaling
Holy Fire, Freeze, and Shock-All had their Weapon damage removed.

Sorceress Skills
Hydra-Lowered Damage based on skill level (More at lower levels, less at higher levels)-Rework the Projectile Speed scaling at all levels(Can reach higher projectile speed, but requires MUCH more investment to do so.)-Removed Weapon Damage
Nova-Damage has been increased significantly-Added % Lightning damage scaling
Frost Nova-Damage has been increased significantly-Added % Cold damage scaling
Meteor-Added % Fire damage scaling to the skill and Auto-Proc
Fire Mastery-Reduced Flat damage drastically-Doubled % Damage
Cold Mastery-Reduced Flat damage drastically-Doubled % Damage
Lightning Mastery-Reduced Flat damage drastically-Double % Damage
Enchant-Removed all % damage-Increased flat damage slightly-Added % Chance of flat DoT damage

Nightblade Skills
Execution-Decreased Max % Weapon damage from 330% down to 250%-Added Critical damage scaling (1% per 2 levels)


-Moloch, Chillbone and Crystalisk reworked with new mechanics
-Hidden Ubers got toned down from last patch (, Less damage, debuff times, and percentages that might cause instant kills or impossibilities to escape traps or mechanics;
-Added more HP to BabaYaga Portals to increase bat spawns
-New Skills and Stage for Uber Duriel
-Lava Geysers added to Furnace of Pain
-Uber Izual and Lilith saw some minor tweaks and fixes, Lilith now has a new Poison Rain Skill

-Uber Tristram Primes have received a minor overhaul, with new skills, tweaks, and fixes to try to provide a more Dynamic Fight.

-All Act Bosses got some fixes to skills and Character Bios

The Devs would like to get your feedback on the Hidden Ubers, and Uber Trist Primes. We want to make these fights more challenging and "dynamic" without making them drag out for no reason. Any suggestions or feedback is greatly appreciated. You can suggest to Fluffy Directly, or any of the other Devs and we will redirect it where it needs to go. Please be detailed, we don't want to see "Too Hard, Need Nerf"

This is going to be Sono's last patch for RoT, he was more than a tremendous help getting myself up to speed with how everything works, how to properly integrate other people's work, and how to properly package up a patch for you guys. I wouldn't have been able to release this without his guidance. This dude did a lot of very important QoL fixes for this patch, including one big change that I feel everyone will approve of. With that being said, let's start with that one!

-Added level 90 armor Augments previously missing from vendor tables. Should result in all Augments in the database appearing in shops.
-Moved level 90 armor Augments to the Shattered Conclave 'magic goods' vendor. Should result in enough space for all Augments to appear.
-Adjusted Akara's, Drognan's, Ormus's, Jamella's, and Malah's vendor tables. Should display all Augments of their corresponding level.
#Even with the sizes of the pools for Augments exactly matching the number of Augments at each level, shops might roll with fewer. ???
-Adjusted Akara's, Drognan's, Ormus's, Jamella's, and Malah's vendor tables. Should now include some random rare crafting materials.
-Adjusted loot tables for Components and Crafting Materials to use vanilla GD paths. Should result in correct colors and pickup radius.

This means you will now have access to all augments every game, You will still need to make multiple games to get all the ones you want, but no more "farming" for Augments.
This also means we now have access to more level 90 augments then previously.

-Increased +Health bonus on Druid Dire Wolf passive to +250HP.
-Increased target radius on Paladin Holy Shock and its attached 'buff'. Should result in a maximum of a 20m radius, at rank 24.
-Reduced damage values on Dream RWs' Holy Shock. Should result in damage equivalent to a rank 60 class skill + 'buff' now.
-Increased target radius on Dream RWs' Holy Shock: Should result in a 20m radius at the item's skill rank.
-Redirected impact fx on Sorceress Meteor. Should result in the same 'fire cracks' decal as Armageddon. Thanks @Owlheart!
-Switched +Defense and +%Defense values on Aldur's Deception, as intended. Should result in a much less absurd +%Defense on this item.
-Adjusted values on Endlesshail. Should result in stats much closer resembling the original D2 item, with a bonus boost to Pierce damage.
-Adjusted values on Witchwild String. Should result in Amplify Damage proc applying 'on attack' and not 'when hit'.
-Redirected Act III 'Slate half' wall to use updated bump texture. Should result in no 'swimming' effect on Travincal walls.
-Redirected Mana potion item, HUD bitmaps and 'hotslot selection menu' to display RoT's blue Mana potion icons. Thanks @Owlheart!
-Adjusted Akara's conversation to 'continue' from her introduction / the unique Sorc intro directly into the Den of Evil quest intro.

-Updated all maps with water surfaces, all water in the RoT world should be looking its best now
-Applied 'jungle water' to the 'pools' in Travincal. Should result in this area no longer containing empty, navy-blue voids of not-water.

-Added a random Unique item reward for Betrayal of Harrogath, as intended.
-Added a visible objective to 'Conquer Baal's Minions' at that point in Eve of Destruction, to match the notification displayed then.
-Adjusted quest objectives for Lam Esen's Tome and The Guardian. Should result in clearer indications of what you're meant to do.

-Added 'Scales with Attack Speed' / 'Scales with Cast Speed' to Amazon spear skills. All relevant skills should now indicate this.
-Fixed item tag for Witchwild String. Should result in the name displaying correctly as Witchwild String, and not as Endlesshail.
-Fixed door tag for the Frozen Pit. Should result in the door displaying correctly as 'To the Frozen Pit', and not just 'Frozen Pit'.
-Adjusted creature tag for 'Beastkin' race. Should result in affixes with 'bonus damage to Beastkin' displaying correctly as such.
-Adjusted door and map tags for Kurast Sewers. Should result in a clearer distinction between the two 'Sewers' areas.
-Changed GD 'Paladin's' prefix tag to 'Holy'. Should result in a clearer distinction between it and RoT's 'Paladin's' class prefix.
-Adjusted UI tag for Player Level Requirement reduction affix, as on Gore Rider. Should display as '-5%' and not just '-5'.
-Adjusted UI tag for player leave message in multiplayer. Should result in '(Name) has left the game. Diablo's minions grow weaker.'
-Incremented versions in difficulty modes. Should be displayed as 'Normal/Normal+/Nightmare/Hell' '' in all locations.

-Rebuilt vanilla red Healing potion icons and RoT's blue Mana potion icons. Should result in their display in all relevant locations.

-Fixed text issue in Cube "Runes / Gems / Components" being displayed wrong.

Blades of Ice and "Frost Nova"
-Damage was increased 5x, to roughly the level of Phoenix Strike, yes BoI, CoT, and FoF is a viable option in this patch.

Claws of Thunder and "Nova"
- Weapon damage increased slightly, more so after level 20
- Average damage was increased to be more in line with BoI

Fist of Fire and “Fire Nova”
-Fist of Fire now has a "Fire Nova" celestial power. This was supposed to be there for I'm not sure how long, but it is fixed and now fits with the other Blade Skills.
-Weapon Damage increased slightly.
-Main and Burn Damage adjusted accordingly. Bringing it in line with the other two.
-Increased the radius of the Fire Nova to 5 meters (from 2.6)
-Fire Nova received a new FX, making it more of a Nova now.

Dragon Skills
All Dragon skills received a "10% Chance of Total Damage Modified by 50%"

Dragon Flight
-Increased Weapon Damage across the board, more so after level 20
-Added 50% Flat Damage modified to match with the other dragon skills

Dragon Tail
-Increased Weapon Damage slightly
-Increased Fire Damage % slightly

Dragon Claw
-Believe it or not, Dragon Claw was the best performing Dragon skill behind Dragon Talon, which needed to be brought down to an appropriate level.

Dragon Talon
-Reduced Total Damage Modified from scaling to flat 50% to match the other Dragon skills.
-Reduced Weapon Damage significantly across the board.
-Increased the number of targets hit by a few levels. i.e. You'll get to hit a higher number of targets at lower levels

I was working towards adding AR to these three skills, but it seems that is a limitation of them not being a "Charged" skill. I am going to continue to look into this.

Charged Bolt Sentry
I started work on Traps. Haven’t gotten too far, but did do a couple changes to this so far.
Increased the projectile speed of the bolts by 20%
Increased the Damage by 2x
Traps still feel weird, but it is something currently on my radar

This was a very underwhelming skill to play with. From damage to spread time. It felt clunky and not very fun to play or build around. I have done a little work to try and combat this.
-Received a substantial damage buff. This should be noticed right from level 1
-Increased Contagion Radius from 5 to 6 meters
-Decreased Contagion Interval from 1.5 down to .5 resulting in a noticeably faster spread


Bug Fix:
- Fixed Cow Trio + Cow King sometimes not spawning
- Fixed Mysterious Key drop chance from Goblins in Shattered Realm (based on difficulty: 33% Normal, 66% NM, 100% Hell)
- Fixed normal maps for various walls in Act 3
- Fixed pathing in various areas

- River of Flame QoL overhaul no. 2 (added portals to the dead ends that teleport the player to middle of the map in order to minimize backtracking) + added lava geysers across the map for more dynamic feel
- Extended Forgotten Island to support new uber boss fight mechanics

- Buffed most of the uber bosses with new abilities to support more tactical gameplay (most of them now have debufs / CC that can lead to certain death if not played correctly)

- New Firebolt, Fireball, Meteor, Armageddon fx
- Hurricane: increased cold / lightning dmg and removed physical dmg type and reduced sound volume by 50%
- Added 'Requires a melee weapon' description to Druid Maul, Fire Claws, and Hunger skills

- Minor improvements to NPC dialogs



Bug Fix:
- Fixed Fara’s, Lysander’s NPC voice overs / dialogs and removed all NPC dialog pop ups (no need to “deplete” them to get into the main conversation option)
- Fixed Arctic, Vidala’s and Mavina’s bow set part
- Fixed Poison / Solar Creeper’s skill mana cost
- Fixed obsidian blockades in River of Flame / Plains of Despair being impossible to open
- Fixed Blade Shield by turning it into toggable offensive aoe buff with new fx
- Fixed default attack description on skills that don’t qualify as default attack

- Removed path blockers in Jail Level 1 for easier navigation
- Ancient Temple uber boss fight rework

- Increased Thunderstorm duration

- “Deadly Strike” stat rework (now gives chance to base 15% total dmg multiplier across all original D2 items that are supposed to have DS)
- Added % attack rating to Amethyst
- Added Rune description with info about what items can be Runes applied to
- Added missing bleeding resist to Dream / Chains of Honor RWs

- Added 1x random socketed item reward for Siege on Harrogath quest

- Make sure to complete Siege on Harrogath quest if it’s active prior installation of the hotfix