Spirit Ward

Increases Shield Block Chance by 6%
35% Chance to Block 846 Damage
0.8 Seconds Shield Recovery
104 Physical Damage
Increases Armor by 13%

30% Elemental Resistance
11% Reduction in Frostburn Duration
16% Reduced Shield Recovery Time

Grants skill Fade
An Assassin can will their physical being to shift partially into the astral planes. As their body becomes less substantial, they become less susceptible to the effects of elemental attacks and magical curses.

(15% Chance on Block)
1 Second Skill Recharge
60 Second Duration
8% Physical Resistance
25% Pierce Resistance
25% Elemental Resistance
25% Acid & Poison Resistance
25% Magic Resistance
25% Chaos Resistance
25% Vitality Resistance
25% Bleed Resistance
36% Reduction in Life Leech Duration
36% Reduction in Mana Leech Duration

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Required Strength: 633

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