274 - 305 Physical Damage
22% Armor Piercing

302 - 626 Fire Damage
+71% Physical Damage
45% Physical Damage converted to Fire Damage
+220% Fire Damage
20% Fire Resistance
20% Reduction in Burn Duration
+40 Strength
+160 Health
+6 to Inferno (Sorceress)

Grants Skill Firestorm
Wielding this ability, the Druid projects waves of molten earth that spread outward and burn a wire swath of destruction through their foes.

(15% Chance on Hit)
1 Second Skill Recharge
15% Weapon Damage
286 - 478 Fire Damage
130 - 138 Burn Damage Over 2 Seconds (65 - 69 Per Second)

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Required Strength: 537

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