Goblin Level
What we know so far

As of patch (3/1/20) there is a new Goblin Level.

I have had the opportunity to run one of these.  But I was able to gather very little information, with very few pictures.

The goblin spawn amount varies.  Right now the numbers I have seen range from 7-9 goblins per zone.  Ram stated 15 in one, but he might adjust those numbers.

You are required to find a "New Gobling Specific Item" that has only been given a 1% drop rate.  This item is in the form of a ring known as "Thief's Signet"

The Level is accessed using the Horadric Device, much like The Secret Cow Level and Ubers.

The map is small, there are two different rooms in the zone.  The one you spawn into doesn't contain the goblins.  You have to walk up some stairs to reach the Goblin Herd

From the one run I did here is my suggestions:

  • Bring a character able to kill them in 3-4 seconds or less.  Their timer starts when they get hit, so procs can start Gob Timers on Goblins across the room.  (You don't want that, Im looking at you Thunderstorm >:(. )

  • Be fast, the faster the better, there is a lot of them.  I was overwhelmed at first and couldn't focus on a plan.

  • They all have the same loot tables as the regular world by what I can tell.  I killed 8 and got 8 keys. (Yes one got away, Again looking at you T-Storm)  Also got a couple Highrunes, and Uniques

  • I suggest you break every urn in the zone.  They contain MASSIVE amounts of gold.  I banked roughly 500,000 gold from the 1 run.

I have included the pictures I was able to get.  But in the end, their timer is quick, so it will take me a few tries before I get any good shots for you guys.

More information as it is found out.


Some of the loot from The Gob Gob Level


This is the key to get in, Not a bad ring though!


The Horadric Device was given a new option.

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