Reign of Terror Farming Guide
Updated: 08/13/2020
General Reign of Terror Farming Guide

Guide Written by Beefy2


This guide is to highlight some of the viable farming locations in each act. [Hidden Ubers], [Shattered Realm] and [Cows] are covered at the end.  There are some spoilers on world boss locations below.

General Tips

* **Break all destructible (pots, bones, etc) and open chests.**  Destructible seem to have a much higher chance for white items, and thus socketed items. Using a skill point to get an AoE (Area of Effect) skill just to destroy these is worth it if you plan on farming (e.g. War Cry on Barb, Nova/Frost Nova on Sorc, etc). Chests drop quite a few items, and getting uniques from them isn't uncommon. 

* Check the Horadric Cube for runewords you can make - runewords are quite strong in RoT, and runes are much more common. 

* Try to save [Mysterious Keys] for Hell. They aren't particularly common, and you'll probably regret using all of them prior to Hell Cows, which has some of the best XP in the game.

Discord #identify-items channel has a pinned message with world boss locations and drops.

World bosses are great for farming you should include some in every run, they're the fastest source of mythical items, while also dropping plenty of other goodies. You can even get "chase" uniques from them!.

Act 1

Hidden Ubers and World Bosses are very worthwhile. Pits has been buffed in hell with better density and higher level enemies. Due to the nature of XP, it's still not great but there is a world boss in the area as well.

Act II

Hell Ancient Tunnels in the Lost City is the best source of socketed armor in the game. Do not run for socketed weaposn or shields. It's not worth running in Norm or NM. Make sure to break all of the destructible, about 90% of the socketed items come from there. There's a Hidden Uber in this area as well. I'd recommend entering from the entrance to the left of the Lost City Waypoint, and clearing only the left (west) side. Most of the "rooms" in this area have the majority of pots to break, and there are more of them on the left side. Even if you're unable to kill the Hidden Uber, the area before the Skeleton King has a lot of pots, and is worth entering if you're hunting for socketed items. A large AoE (Area of Effect) ability like War Cry, and maxed movement speed can result in over 200 socketed items per hour. (20 per 5 minute run is about average achievable). XP in Ancient Tunnels is good up until about lvl 85, after which it falls off.


Flayer Dungeon/Flayer Jungle - excellent density, decent XP in all difficulties. If you're struggling with Mephisto these are okay to run.
Temples (e.g Ruined Temple, Disused Reliquary, etc) - poor XP, average number of socketed items. The ones with world bosses are definitely worth running with a reasonable layout.
Mephisto - Excellent XP in all difficulties if you aren't over-leveled. Drops are solid as well, averages about 2 uniques per run if you kill all boss packs leading up to Mephisto. In Norm, this is one of the most consistent ways to get Stones of Jordan. For NM/Hell, it can be used if you're stuck on Diablo.

Act iV

City of the Damned/River of Flame - decent monster density and fairly linear layouts, can be used for catch-up XP if you're stuck on Diablo. For River of Flames, just always go east, and never open a gate, and you should never hit a dead end. Not worth farming end-game.
Chaos Sanctuary - Solid XP, capped off by Diablo who also has decent drops. Overall, Bloody Foothills is better and easier for XP, but Chaos Sanctuary will get more uniques.

Act V

Bloody Foothills - One of the best farming areas in the game, great XP if you full clear the area (falls off after 45 in norm, 75 in NM, 95 in hell). Reasonable drops as well given excellent density, although no real bias towards any specific type. If you have excellent AoE clearing, you'll almost always want to run this a few times in NM and Hell to get some fast levels. Shenk/Eldritch have decent drops but poor XP, would recommend full clearing over just running the bosses.
Crystalline Passage/Frozen River - Fairly dense area, overall XP is worse than Bloody Foothills and drops are worse than Nihlathak. It is a slightly higher level than Bloody Foothills. Only worthwhile if you're killing the Hidden Uber in the Frozen River.
Nihlathak's Temples/Halls of Pain/Suffering - Decent combination of XP and drops. Plenty of destructibles for socketed items, and all four "arms" in the 2nd level have chests at the end. Solid option if you're looking for both socketed items and levels.
Worldstone Keep/Baal - Pretty bad XP, decent drops. XP is generally better from high density as opposed to bosses, so the 5 waves of Baal minions give much less compared to D2. However, it is several guaranteed rares as well as Baal drops, which are decent. Overall, I wouldn't recommend this, but if you want to do it for nostalgia, there are worse spots to farm.


[Shattered Realm] - Best source of gold, Rainbow Facets and uniques/set in the game, as well as one of the best for runes. Check the link for details on how to jump straight to level 80. Only available in Hell. Consensus is about 1 goblin every 6 shards or so on average. Generally, for new players, I'd recommend slowly working your way up, instead of jumping to 80 as soon as possible. Running 50-54 or so will give close to full drops, as well more keys. Additionally, it'll unlock the recipes for any other characters you create, giving them a possible progression. Once you can, completing shard 90 in hell will give you full drops, and is the most efficient way to farm for uniques. XP wise, the area is average, about 600k per shard from 90 onwards.
[Cows] - Some of the best XP, as well as a great source of socketables.  For max socketed weapons, this is by far the best (e.g. 4os monarch, 6os weapons). As mentioned above, I'd recommend saving most or all of your keys for hell, as it's probably the fastest way for the final few levels. The Cow King pack is quite a bit harder than the rest of the area, but also has decent unique/set drops. There are chests/corpses in all of the houses that give quite a few components/uniques. Make sure to click on them.
[Hidden Ubers] full details are here. I'm outlining some of the ones I find convenient to farm, either due to location or ease. Of course, if you're starting out, I'd recommend trying all of the ubers that drop a class trinket you can use, as that's generally better than any available GD relic. It's a 25% chance to get class trinkets (except Brutalus), so it'll take a few runs to get one on average. All Ubers have excellent drops, if you can kill them quickly, it's very worthwhile to fit a few into your farming path. They have a guaranteed Pul+ rune, as well as a couple unique/sets.
A1 Black Marsh - Viserion - one of the most convenient ubers for terror keys, close to the WP. Very safe for ranged characters, as all of his attacks are fairly telegraphed. For melee, his swipe hits quite hard and drains mana, so watch out.
A1 Dark Woods- Baba Yaga - Another easy uber for ranged characters, recommended for Hate keys if you can't do Brutalis.
A1 Tamoe Highlands - Moloch - reasonable distance from Outer Cloisters WP. One of the easier ubers, especially for melee. Make sure to not kite too far from him or he'll lock you in a cage.
A2 Ancient Tunnels - Skeleton King - not too difficult, located in the best farming location for socketed items makes it very worthwhile.
A3 Ruined Fane - Cthulu - Very close to Trav WP, may be easier for melee than Baba Yaga
A4 Wretched Pit - Gorgona - extremely annoying to get to, however if you have 75% petrify resistance, this fight is generally pretty easy.
A4 City of the Damned - Brutalis - very close to WP, also drops Titan's Trinket, which is one of the best relics for any build (+2 all skills, concentration aura that gives %dmg, attack and cast speed.)
A5 Frozen River - Chillbone - Fairly easy relic, Ravenfrost or 75% freeze duration reduction recommended. Very worthwhile if you're clearing Frozen River for XP.
Uber Trist/Izual/Lilith/Duriel - Besides drops, these are all in level 120 zones, meaning they give excellent XP, especially if you're over lvl 97 where Bloody Foothills and Cows are falling off some. Worth full clearing the areas IMO, as a full clear for 4 zones will gives over 4M XP at any level.

World Bosses: #identify-items channel in discord has a full list pinned. Most world bosses are similar in difficulty, so just pick any that are convenient/close to your farming route and get to grinding.

Personal Example Farming Route

My personal farming route is below for characters that can kill hell ubers. Updated as of It gets solid XP, a good mix of items, and 1 of each type of key. I'll run organs/uber trist whenever I have a completed 3x3 keyset. This does have spoilers for world boss locations.

Shattered Realm - run 90, single shard, one or multiple times, depending on how many items you pick up. (I leave a lot of duplicate uniques on the ground, so running SR more than 3-4 times makes it annoying to loot)

A1 Black Marsh - Go to Viserion behind Countess temple. Viserion drops a Terror Key

A1 Cata 2 - World boss, close to WP so might as well.

A2 Dry Hills/Lost City- world bosses close to waypoint, run both

A3 Flayer Jungle/Forgotten Temple/Sewers - all 3 are pretty fast for world bosses
A4 City of the Damned - Go to Brutalis, drops a Hate key and 10% chance for a Titan's Trinket.
A5 Bloody Foothills (until level 95/96) - Very solid XP, even at lvl 96, it's about 1.5M for a full clear.

A5 Frozen River (until lvl 97/98) - Higher level than Bloody Foothills, layout is non-linear so not worth full clearing IMO. World boss + hidden uber for Destruction Key.
Cows (until level 100) - some of the best XP in the game.


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