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Reign of Terror FAQ
What is this mod exactly?

A: Passion project from a random “Diablo 2 lover” that tries to recreate some of the most memorable D2 experience into a modern theme.

Is this a 1:1 copy of D2:LoD?

A: D2 core features are used and implemented into the mod but there are some engine / tool restrictions for which I have to use various workarounds in order to at least mimic D2 experience. I also added my touch to some of the content where I believe it is improvement over the original. If you are looking for a 1:1 copy this is not it, however based on how you play the game it is as close to a full remake experience as there is short of Blizzard releasing one themselves.

How complete is this mod?

A - This mod currently has Act 1 - 5, All the D2 classes and skills, and most if not all the D2 Sets and Uniques (With a item rework coming). This also includes Ubers, Hidden Ubers, Maybe a Cow Level, and more!

What grim dawn version do I need to play this mod?

A: Ashes of Malmouth if you want to play past Act 2, Forgotten Gods if you want to play the most recent version.

Where can I download it?

A:  join the discord here - and look in the channel #download-install.

How do I install it?

A: Check the Discord #download-install channel for a step by step guide.

Who is working on the mod?

A:  See #rot-contribution channel on Discord for more info

How do i start the Mod?

A: After installing the mod, launch Grim Dawn, select custom map/game, pick ReignOfTerror ~, create your character, choose Normal or Normal+, and start the game. That’s it.

What classes are available?

A: All D2 classes - Amazon, Assassin, Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Paladin, and Sorceress are playable as well as all classes from Grim Dawn.


A: Multiplayer is working but is not fully supported yet so keep that in mind in case you decide to play. Always let the hosting player complete all quests to avoid potential issues. Proper MP support will be implemented after full content release.

Where can i find other players?

A: Join the RoT Discord server! Stay awhile and listen!

Is there a way to "Skip" the second and third playthrough?

A - There is no way to skip the playthroughs, my advice is get alot of movement speed and power through it.

Can players make suggestions?

A: Yes, there are suggestion channels in the discord server. Please note that unless it is an easy quality of life improvement or feature we are actively working on it may be some time before a new suggestion can be considered or implemented. The more thought and detail that goes into a suggestion can also help as it takes time to implement features so they need to be thought out.

I found a bug, where can I report it?

A - There is a bug report channel in the discord server. Please try to be as specific as possible with any bugs, the more info the better.

does this mod work with other mods? i.e. (grim internals)

A: Reign of Terror works with any “hard mod” that modifies base Grim Dawn files. Such as Grim Internals.

is there a way to support you and the team?

A: We are not accepting any donations due to use of some 3rd party assets. However, you can help out by joining RoT Discord channel where you can post suggestions / bug reports or even join the team.

How do i obtain a quest item if i lost it?

A: Either loot the related quest chest or kill the monster which drops quest item again or talk to the quest task related NPC to obtain it again.

How do I get to act II?

A: Double-click on Warriv's caravan in Rogue Encampment after completing “Sisters to the Slaughter” quest by killing Andariel.

How do I get to act III?

A: Similar to Act 2. Double-click on Meshif's ship in the east of Lut Gholein after completing “Seven Tombs” quest by killing Duriel (you need to stand very close to the ship in order to activate teleport).

How do I get to act IV?

A: Use "Hell portal" after completing "The Guardian" quest by defeating Mephisto in Durance of Hate Level 3.

How do I get to act V?

A: Use Tyrael's portal in Pandemonium Fortress after completing "Terror's End" quest by killing Diablo.

I found a goblin and he dropped a mysterious key, what is this?

A: A mysterious key is used to access "The Secret Cow Level"

How do I access "The secret cow level?

A: In the Rogue Encampment there is a house next to the Waypoint, find the trap door and go down it. The Horadric device is in the far back room.  Use the device with a Mysterious key to access the Cow Level.

is there any easy way to farm goblins?

A: Patch added a Goblin Level.  These can be accessed by finding a Thief's Signet ring.  There is no "Easy" way to farm goblins. There is one goblin spawn per Act per game.  So five in total per game.

how do i craft Runewords?

A: Runewords can be crafted in Horadric Cube (found in Halls of the Dead Level 3). To use the Cube, you need to right click on it in your inventory which will spawn a small cube on the ground under your character. After that you need to interact with it much like crafting with the blacksmith, by selecting the desired recipe and crafting it if you meet the recipe requirements. Don’t worry about picking the cube up off the ground when you’re done, as it stays in your inventory.

Are there charms in this mod?

A - Charms have been added into the mod as a "Medal", there are currently no plans to change the way these are implemented.

Devotion points?  How many and where do I get them?

A - There is 27 points each difficulty, for a total of 81.  You get these points by doing EVERY quest in the game, leave no quest standing to achieve all 81.

are there mercenaries?

A - Mercenaries are in the game, they are a GD "Augment" that can only be used on medals.  You do not equip your Mercs with items.  Their stats scale with you character level.  

Mercs can be obtained as a quest reward or bought from a specific Merc vendor (A1 Kashya; A2 Greiz; A3 Asheara; A4 Grand Marshall Aurora; A5 Qual-Kehk).

I got a new medal, how can I keep my Mercenary?

A - You have to buy a new Mercenary from the vendor in each town (A1 - Kashya, A2 - Greiz, A3 - Asheara, A4 - Grand Marshal Aurora, A5 - Qual-Kehk), depending on what Mercenary you are looking for.  You do not keep you Merc from medal to medal.


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