The Secret Cow Level
The Secret (or Not so Secret) Cow Level

What would a Diablo II mod be without the ever famous, Not so Secret Cow Level?

Yes this mod has the Moo Moo Farms!

Relive those childhood days of slaughtering cows and smelling the beef cooking.

On to a more serious note, heres some information you need to know about The Cow Level in RoT.

Entering the Cow Level

First the Cow Level requires a Mysterious Key to open.  A Mysterious Key is found by successfully slaying a Goblin before they escape into their portal.

There is 1 Goblin per Act, per game.  So 5 total per game.  They can be anywhere.  A good source of goblins is the Shattered Realm,or the new Goblin Level, if you are luck enough to find a Signet!

After you get your Mysterious Key, you need to go to the Rogue Encampment and find the house right next to the waypoint.

There is a trapdoor in the bottom right corner of the house, take it down to the basement.

From there you will be in the basement and have two options, in two different rooms.  The first room (the one that you'll spawn into) has the green portal to the Shattered Conclave.

If you proceed further back you will come to a room that contains the Horadric Device.  That is the room you want.

You will then use the Mysterious Key you have, in the device to open a portal.  The portal will appear in the top left of your current room.  Can't miss it.

Killing the Cow King

Unlike in regular Diablo II, here you are able to kill the Cow King without any penalty.

So go ahead and slaughter every last cow you see!

The Cow Level is a pretty good farming spot, especially if you are looking for socketed items, runes, and components.  Second behind Shattered Realm in my testing. 

But the big reason why you would want to farm Cows over other things?  Well first because of the previously mentioned socketed items, but also because cows is a great source of experience at any level!


The Cow King on a Warpath of Destruction