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Classic Necromancer
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Shepard's Crook, Akeron's Scorpin, Jackal, Raven, Toad, Lion, Eel, Panther, Nighttalon
Manticore, Bysmiel's Bonds, Murmur, Mistress of Rumors, Typhos, the Jailor of Souls, Solemn Watcher, Staff of Rattosh
Mogdrogen the Wolf, Ishtak, the Spring Maiden

Weapon - Spirit rw -> Matriarch rw
Off hand - Spirit rw or Boneflame
Gloves - Summon stat/resist gloves or Dracul's Grasp for minion leech
Shoulders - Summon stat/resist shoulders
Head - +1 helm -> Harlequin Crest
Chest - Bone rw -> Enigma rw
Pants - Summon stat/resist pants
Belt - Summon stat belt or Aracnid Mesh
Boots - Summon stat/resist boots
Rings - Bul Kathos -> Mythical Yugol's ichor(base gd ring might be hard to find)
Amulet - Mara's Kaleidoscope -> Mythical Blightshard Amulet
Medal - +2/3 Lower resist or Skelly Mages Annihilus
Relic - +2/3 Lower resist or Skelly Mages Necromancer's trinket with Summon gorefeast

Components / Augments

Zod runes are ideal but any runes with defensive stats will do untill you can afford using zod runes.

Rest are used for defensive stats as there are not many components with minion stats.

Augements with pet stats (preferably OA/crit dmg/dmg) and resists.


Look at the screenshots!

Its my skill setup at lvl 100 so some points need to be taken out at lower levels (you want to keep 1 point in everything at the very least though), best places to take points off of are the %dmg to minions passives since they give less damage than the actual summon skills do (keep them at max since most of them scale the amount of minions you can have).

Extra Information

Stats: Enough stats for gear rest into strength.

Mercenary: Act 2 Prayer or Act 4 Support/Offense.

About mythical yugol's ichor, blightshard amulet and facets:

These items are what i used to scale the minion damage by converting everything my minions do to acid and thus making lower resist curse more potent. Untill you find these items lower resist curse isnt as good so you can spend the points elsewhere.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Max Summon Skeletons -> Skeleton Mages -> Wolves rest is easy

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