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Rot Version:
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Stag, Sailor's Guide, Eel, Empty Throne, Hawk, Assassin's Blade, Jackal, Lotus
Manticore, Magi, Scales of Ulcama, Dire Bear, Harvestman's Scythe, Solemn Watcher
Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun, Obelisk of Menhir, Ishtak, the Spring Maiden

Weapon 1: Lawbringer - res reduction, can use on swap instead, but keep in mind swapping destroys all placed traps. If you want to use it on swap, use one of the weapons mentioned below.

Weapon 2: Breath of the Dying sword, Heart of the Oak sceptre, Silence, Fleshripper dagger, Spirit sword - lots of options, I'm using hoto right now, as it's the only way for me to hit lvl 41 charged bolt sentry with a Lawbringer in the other hand. +skills, resist, %dmg to demon/undead, %phys dmg, mana leech/regen are what you're looking for.

Helm: Harlequin Chest Shako - look for 12% phys resist

Armor: Chains of Honor - look for 12% phys resist.

Pants: Anything with % phys dmg and % phys res. I'm using Mythical Rimestone Leggings rn for the stun duration, Chausses of Barbaros are good too.

Shoulder: Same as pants, I'm using a random rare. Korvan Spaulders give ele to phys conversion to save a facet. Shattered Realm Mantle/Mythical Warborn Pauldrons aren't bad either.

Gloves: Same as pants/shoulders. Attack and Cast speed aren't important at all, as you'll get ~70% from barb. Mythical Colossal Grasp is great.

Boots: Gore Riders (i'm at 245% MS with gores and no MS component). Alternatively use phys resist boots, especially if you're using Fleshripper

Belt: Mythical Chains of Anguish/Arachs (arachs is worse IMO)

Rings: SoJ/BK

Amulet: Mara's

Relic: charged bolt torch ideally, concentration titan's trinket good too.

Medal: charged bolt/+sin/+barb/+barb passive anni

Components / Augments

Mix of Gul, Perfect Onyx , and Puls - I'm going 3 gul, 1 P Onyx. P Onyx gives 5% physical resist and damage, works very well.

Elemental -> Phys facets, if you're using ele to phys conversion on shoulders, still use a xxx to phys facet for the damage.

Ideally Living Armor in shoulder for ele res and capped armor absorption.

Other armor componts are either spellscorched plating for resists or mutated scales for HP. You can use movement speed on boots if you aren't capped/close to capped.

Any phys dmg augments for weapons/jewelry. I'm using phys dmg/hp/%hp in weapons and phys dmg/def/mana regen in jewelry.

30 def augments for all armor.



Charged Bolt Sentry - single target dmg, great for leveling too.

Death Sentry - aoe clear, 12m and hits screen instantly.

Cobra Strike - phys build so terrible mana regen, this makes up for it. Try to attack non bosses, because bosses have mana leech resist.

Pick one Mace/Claw Mastery (claw if you have a sword, mace if you have Lawbringer and no sword)

Increased Speed - CDR for death sentry and total speed.

Shout- defense

# of points varies

Berserker Rage - put points til an AR breakpoint, e.g. 31, 34

Lightning Sentry/Wake of Inferno - go for 5 or 6 trap limit or until you're comfortable with your aoe clear and mana cost.

Battle Command - until you have +3 all skills (lvl 28 before buff, you'll get 2 from BC pushing you to 31 total)

Sceptre/Dagger/Sword Mastery - any extra points you have, obviously only put points in ones that you're using.

1 point: increased stamina (more if you need it to cap stun resist and you care), war cry (break barrels), battle orders, dragon flight (if you want movement skill), weapon block or frenzy (enable DW), iron skin, taunt, Natural Resist (more if you need ele res to overcap for ubers), Battle Cry (optional dmg debuff maybe, the -%def part doesn't work at all unfortunately)

Extra Information

For devotions, check out this video for how to get the recommended setup:

I wouldn't play this unless you have 100% ele to phys conversion, otherwise just go pally or sorc or something as 2nd class and go full elemental/lightning damage. Physical damage is mainly to take advantage of barb passives, while also allowing for Lawbringer's insane physical resist to come into play. Additionally, the build is very tanky, with ~5k defense constantly, 20k+ HP, and ~70%+ physical resist. Great for farming as well, with maxed movement speed and a huge AoE in War Cry to break pots.

I went 50/50 str/dex, given dex gives AR and physical damage it's very good. I just like tanky builds, and this split got me to 5k def, which is 60% chance to be hit from hidden ubers.

Play style is just drop wake of inferno/lightning sentry for most mobs. Charged bolt sentry only needed on rares/bosses generally. All ubers including trist are quite easy. Use Cobra Strike constantly for the AR buff and to regain mana. Even with A4 support, I only have 150 mana regen, while most traps cost ~350. Most packs will only need a couple of traps at most, don't place too many because it'll kill your mana extremely quickly. Use Battle Cry on all ubers, and make sure to get a decrepify proc on them and they should melt. ~10s for most hidden ubers, ~30 for duriel/lilith/izual/meph/diablo. Watch out for Uber Baal because he will consistently kill your traps with his circle ground dot.

For the skill allocation, there's some wiggle room. I found Death Sentry maxed the best for clearing trash, but you can use any mix of traps, as long as Charged Bolt Sentry is maxed for single target. Fire Blast/Shock Web are fairly mediocre and didn't feel worth the points. A hybrid build with maxed Phoenix Strike or Frenzy is definitely also playable. If you have another source of regaining mana, Concentrate can definitely be used for AR/Def, but the buff is ~3s so you'd need to use it quite often.

A4 support or A4 offensive merc, I'm using support for mana regen, and pushes me to 73% phys resist.

Devotion wise, main focus is physical resist, physical damage, and mana. Bottom row in Obelisk, no Maul on Dire Bear, 3 in Ishtak. Definitely can change these up to drop some blue for purple and use oleron over manticore. Manticore ends up adding way more damage though with an extra 16 res penetration worth way more than the bonuses on Oleron. Can definitely also fit in things like Ulo, Lion, Chariot of the Dead etc. I'm using Ishtak just to make all the slowing ubers less annoying. If you're using a silence axe, berserker is quite good as well.

Manticore on Charged Bolt Sentry
Assassin's Mark on Lightning Sentry
Korvaak on Wake of Inferno
Shifting Sands on Cobra Strike (can use this point on something else instead)

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Level as lightning dmg until you can use facets (2x ist + gore riders will drop that to lvl 57 or so). Maxed Charged Bolt sentry (CBS) will carry you til facets easily. After CBS, going into barb for Increased Speed/Berserker rage will give you insane FRW. Alternatively, max Burst of Speed while leveling. Leveling items like lore, treachery, miss gazer man, eye of etlich, spirit etc will speed things up as always. Strongly recommend 2 or more Ists when you can for additional XP and letting you wear Shako/CoH early.

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