Yet Another Hydra Guide

Rot Version:
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Spider, Owl, Hawk, Quill, Sailor's Guide, Eel, Lotus, Empty Throne
Bard's Harp, Rhowan's Crown, Harvestman's Scythe, Ulo, the Keeper of the Water, Oklaine's Lanturn
Attack Seru, the Mirage, Blind Sage, Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun, Light of Empyrion, Obelisk of Menhir

Weapon: Leaf -> Spirit -> Hoto
Shield: None (Leaf is 2h) -> Splendor -> Spirit -> Dragonscale
Head: Lore -> Shako -> Andy's
Chest: Stealth -> Enlightenment -> Chains of Honor
Legs; anything with def/hp/%ele/%fire/resists
Hands: anything with def/hp/%ele/%fire/resists/AR -> Mythical Runesinged Handguards (gives AS+cast speed, very nice). Laying of Hands is an option for more smite focused builds
Boots: Gores for ubers, Nat's/Aldurs/IK for cows/SR. For leveling, just use highest MS boots you can use.
Shoulder: anything with def/hp/%ele/%fire/resists/AR
Belt: anything -> Arachnids/Mythical chains of anguish
Amulet: anything with + skills -> Mara's (high rolled Highlord's will outdps eventually with good gear, use it if you don't need the res).
Rings: Anything with fire/ele dmg/AS/CS/AR/Def -> 2x BK/SoJ. (1 SoJ is nice for mana burn)
Medal: Anything -> Hydra/+1 sorc anni (any maxed skill is good too or +1 pally)
Relic: Anything -> Sorc Trinket -> Sorc Torch

Components / Augments

3 of Gul/Pul - I went 2 Gul, 1 Pul - about 4k AR is plenty with Conviction
1 Cham - not needed for ubers, helps with hidden ubers like Moloch or Gorgona. Can replace with gul/pul/mal
Zod - very good late game, would recommend over Pul given you should have ~95% dmg to demons from gear
Mal - use this if you don't have Gores or want to use Nat's Boots for MS
4x Phys -> Ele Facets ideally, use any ele facet for dmg, or xxx->fire. Focusing Prism, Soul Shard, Runebound Topaz good to use while looking for facets.
Augments -> 30 def or 15 def/180hp everywhere once you don't need resists.


Sorc: Max Hydra, all elemental masteries, enchant, energy shield, frozen armor,

1 point in tele, other cold armors, blizzard, pathology. (1 point in thunderstorm if you want it to proc devotions)

Everything else into warmth. (keep it ~lvl 10-15 for ubers IMO, take points out of frozen armor/smite)

Pally: Max Conviction, Holy shield, smite

Extra Information

Another Hydra guide, focused primarily on Hydra damage, with smite for extra single target, direct dmg. Make sure to bind "pet attack" on to your hotkeys, as it will direct Hydra attacks. In use meteor or blizzard for a ranged way to leech life, as Hydra doesn't leech anymore.

Ele Storm (Rhowan's Crown) always on Hydra IMO. Korvaak on Blizzard

5-6 points in Obelisk, 2 in Light of Empyrian, 5 in Attak Seru (no arcane currents), 4-5 in Blind Sage (fire dmg, ele seeker up to you).

Stat wise, I went 70/30 str/dex. Generally, put points in intelligence until you're fine with your mana regen (dmg difference is negligible) - I went with 0 because of maxed warmth. Points in dex until you have 25%+ crit chance on ubers (went with an even 30, ended up with ~32% crit chance on ubers with conviction), rest in strength for DA/life.

A4 offensive or A5 WW (Shout) best IMO. Given conviction will give you ~30% crit chance on ubers, crit damage from A4 is very strong.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Start as sorc, level with anything (charged bolt my favorite). At lvl 16, respec and put 40 points in sorc mastery, rest into hydra (should be 6 points). From there, start leveling hydra, sorc mastery, energy shield, fire mastery, enchant, and warmth. Make sure to put a couple of points in light/cold mastery for buffs., but no need to max them until you are using smite for damage. Once Hydra is maxed, start putting points in pally mastery (~lvl 40 good time to start). Put points in holy shield if you have a shield, and you can put a couple of points in an aura to help while leveling (vigor is my favorite for move speed, meditation good too for mana regen). Once you have pally mastery maxed, remove any other aurs and max conviction asap (aim for it finished by start of hell.) Put points in other skills mentioned, I focused on enchant and energy shield first. Leaving smite at ~5-10 points is fine, hydras do most of the damage on bosses anyway until you have good enough gear to facetank a little. Make sure to put 1+ point in either meteor or blizzard (or both) as a ranged way to leech life.

Devotion wise, get Rhowan's Crown ASAP, then attak seru and blind sage. You'll need to respec points around to get the endgame setup I recommended. For leveling, use Toad + Panther, and drop Oklaine's and Harvestman's Scythe until you have hoto. After Attack Seru/Blind Sage (or before), Bard's harp is great.

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