Wonder Woman | Javazon

Rot Version:
Pack Clearing
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Assassin's Blade, Jackal, Lion, Mantis, Owl, Panther, Raven, Sailor's Guide, Empty Throne, Harpy
Bard's Harp, Huntress, Chariot of the Dead, Revenant
Azrakaa, the Eternal Sands, Unknown Soldier

Mainhand: Myrina's Sting or Matriarch
Offhand: Spirit or Stormshield (or dragon/dream for more Aoe)
Helm: Visage helm
Chest: Chains of Honor (or fortitude)
Rings: 1x BK (or 2) and 1x Bladetwister Signet

A neat Amazonskirt and some Roman sandels. You know the ones, with the leather straps going all up around your sexy calves to your knees.
No shoulders, do you see Gal Gadot wearing any shoulders?

Titan's Trinket with concentration, what else.
Annihilus trinket or a good piercing one.

Components / Augments

4x Gul, 4x Elemental to piercing facet (or 3 if you use Bladetwister ring, then use a random 4th one, as long as it goes x to piercing).

Any act1 or offensive act4 merc.


Jab for main target
L. Fury for AoE
Max penetrate and critical strike
1 point in the dodges and valkyrie.

Max Death Sentance
Max Deadly Aim
Max Inquisitors Seal & Arcane Empowerment
Max Aura of Conviction
Max Biting Cold
Max Word of Renewal with its modifiers/additions
Spend your rest of the points on Word of Pain line, Artifact Handling, Horn of Gandarr (at least 1 in them).

Don't ask me to make a screenshot, its all above.

Extra Information

I just wanted to create a javazon build v2.0, that gives the feeling of the original D2 javazon without using any other 'overpowered' other classes like sorc or even paladin. This is the result.

This is by no means a strong uberkiller, but it does the job fairly well for a 'weak' set-up. Great vs groups of course. I did my testrun vs Ubertrist, Baba Yaga and Viserion. Was able to kill them all, mephisto definitely the hardest one, took quite some tries vs him, and requires careful gameplay.

Playstyle is pretty easy: Apply word of Pain, Horn of Gandar, place your Rune of Haggarad and Inq.Seal and just make sure you (and the bosses) stand in it and jab away. Depending on how you bind your devotions, you need to throw a few L.furies in between jabs.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

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