Wolfpack will eat you.

Rot Version:
Pack Clearing
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Hound, Jackal, Lion, Lizard, Eel, Toad, Shepard's Crook, Raven
Typhos, the Jailor of Souls, Rhowan's Crown, Bard's Harp, Bysmiel's Bonds
Mogdrogen the Wolf, Ishtak, the Spring Maiden, Tree of Life

Bread and butter of this build: 2x crescent moon, to get those cute 8 extra wolves.
This also means: get a medal (Direwolf crest or Korvaaks) to dual wield, or use the Pack of Deadly Means belt (Korvaaks being the best).
Titan trinket+concentration aura.

Chains of Honor, High run speed boots (Immortal kings/Aldurs etc, we have no need for Gore Riders). Harlequin Crest helm or Andariels Visage (Crown of Ages also a good option if you need stun reduction).
Dracul's Gloves (mainly vs ubers, but also good overal) or else any pet bonus GD gloves.
Mara's amulet, 2x bulkhathos ring (or some great GD pet build ring).
Runebrand Legwraps, or any other pet thing.

Components / Augments

if you want to melee yourself more, go 4x gul. If you want pets to do more, go 4x Zod.

4x physical to elemental damage facets.

Get the rest for whatever you lack.


Maul and Hurricane is what we use to kill. 1 point in fissure for a devotion proc (can use volcano if you prefer the look of that skill). Hurricane maxed. To be more tanky, put points in Werebear, if you want more attack speed and AR, put points in werewolf.

Max Spirit Wolf, Dire wolf. Many points in Grizzly bear (doesnt have to be maxed, the wolves do more dmg). Max the damage modifier and many points in the max life modifier.

From occultist: Hardcap vulnerability (-40% resist), Storm Spirit, Blood of dreeg and Aspect of the Guardian. Max Manipulation.
1 point in: Hellhound skill line and Familiar skill line, Solaels Witchfire and Second Rite, Sigil of Consumption and Destruction (bonus heal and devotion proc).

Extra Information

The wolves all have crushing blow (%HP damage), so we don't need any ourselves. Because there is no way of getting enough resists for the pets, we need 4x physical to elemental rainbow facets (each gives 20% elemental resist). Also the Familiar provides about 40% elemental resists, this will max the pets resists at hell. Blood of Dreeg will provide decent physical resist and max poison resist, as well as giving you the ability to heal your pets. The Familiar will also heal pets if you stand close enough.

This build can kill a few hidden ubers, some quite easily, some with effort. Easy for me were: Brutallus, Arachnaphobia, Gorgonna, the lava bull (forgot it's name) and Deathclaw. Difficult, but possible, were the necromancer in Ancient tunnels and Viseryon. Not doable were Baba Yaga and Cthulu.
As of writing, I have not tried Moloch, Hydrosa or the 2 in act 5.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Early levels, druid's firespells do great. Fissure with maul for single target works nice. Once you have 2x Crescent moon and can dual wield, start getting ur wolves together. Or find your own preferred way.

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