Whirlwind Marauder

Rot Version:
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Assassin's Blade, Sailor's Guide, Empty Throne, Hawk, Raven, Panther
Bard's Harp, Solemn Watcher, Harvestman's Scythe, Ulo, the Keeper of the Water, Ulzaad, Herald of Korvaak
Azrakaa, the Eternal Sands, Ishtak, the Spring Maiden, Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun, Tree of Life, Light of Empyrion

Relic: Whirlwind Titan's Trinket
Weapon1: Mythical Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge
Weapon2: Mythical Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian
Helm: Mythical Natalya's
Chest: Mythical Natalya's
Shoulders: Mythical Natalya's
Pants: Mythical Natalya's
Gloves: Palashia's Venomguard Vicegrips
Boots: Mythical Natalya's
Belt: String of Ears
Amulet: Saracen's Chance
Rings: Dwarf Star / Mythical Lifegiver Signet or BK ring
Medal: Assassin Annhilus

Components / Augments

Weapons: Gul / Ravager's Breath
Helm: Gul / Solael's Soulbinding
Chest: Cham / Solael's Soulbinding
Shoulders: Living Armor / Solael's Soulbinding
Pants: Enchanted Earth / Solael's Soulbinding
Gloves: Enchanted Earth / Solael's Soulbinding
Boots: Mark of the Traveler / Solael's Soulbinding
Belt: Enchanted Earth / Solael's Soulbinding
Amulet: Acid to Pierce Facet / Survivor's Ingenuity
Rings: Acid to Pierce Facet / Survivor's Ingenuity
Medal: Acid to Pierce Facet / Act4 Agatha mercenary


Assassin skills
Claw Mastery : max
Fade : max
Venom : max
Weapon Block : max
Cloak of Shadow : max

Amazon skills
Critical Strike : max
Penetrate : max
Retreat : max
Evade : max
Dodge then evade : the rest

1 point in lightning fury (+1 in lightinng blot) just for nightmare/hell trash mobs farming.

Extra Information

Korvaak : everything except proc
Light of Empyrion : 4 points

It's a simple build with only one attack and Cloak of Shadows with a duration of 40s.
Choose your equipment (rings, amulet, medal and gloves) for physical resistance (75+% is great), defense (0% crit) and the elemental resistance.
The build is oriented in pierce/physical damage. Acid damage converted to pierce damage with the rainbow facets.

Stats : points in strenght.
At level 100, 80 in str and 35 in dext

Objectives for Uber Tristram:
20k health.
80% physical resistance, enough defense (0% to chance to be crit)
Trap/Petrify/Freeze/Sleep resistance at 75%
Slow/Life/Mana resist the maximum you can get
The other resistances overcapped.
Some Life Leech of course.

vs Brutalis ; https://youtu.be/fFc7TXWmlFY
vs Uber Trist : https://youtu.be/O2gmNC0m0QU

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Start with Wake of Fire
You only get the first whirlwind attack with the runeword chaos in a 3os bone dagger at level 57.
At level 85 use the WW Titan Tricket.

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