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Boss Killing
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Sailor's Guide, Lion, Stag, Panther, Assassin's Blade, Nighttalon, Harpy, Fox, Mantis
Huntress, Blades of Nadaan, Behemoth
Unknown Soldier, Azrakaa, the Eternal Sands

Breath of the Dying and Doom (other options are viable as well, this is just what I used).

Helm: Andariel's visage
Chest: Chains of Honor
Hands: Laying of Hands
PantsReally Great Pants
Feet: Socks
Belt: Myth. White Lotus or Myth Tinker's Ingnuity
Relic: Amazon's Relic + L. Fury Proc
Medal: Mark of Dark Dreams
Shoulder: Deathmarked Shoulderguard, or something similar, with it without dodge.
Rings, as you wish. Something with + skills, or AR, or more dodge.

Components / Augments

Convert as much damage to piercing as you can with rainbow facets. Other augments and components to complement needed stats.

Any act1 merc for the bonus Piercing damage, Attack Rating and Dodge!


Main attack is Jab so max this. To support Jab as much as possible, we max Dual Blades, Execution, Night's Chill, Penetrate, Critical strike.

Dodging comes from an almost maxed dodge and avoid and maxed evade. From nightblade a maxed Shadow Dance.

Rest of the points is just more buffs and passives.

Extra Information

This is a fairly weird build focusing on just dodge. Certain spells and AoE effects cannot be dodged and as your Defense is low, being hit by a critical is a risk. Do not recommend this for a first build as its very quite gear dependent and might lack damage while while leveling if you go all out on dodging. I recommend leveling in a different build.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

If you want to level as melee: start with getting jab to level 10 or so, then get dual blades from nightblade and you can pretty much just use these 2 for the majority. For AoE, get the first weapon skill from NB to sometimes hit more targets, and get some pierce resist reduction from night's veil.
Alternatively, you can use Fend from amazon, does decent damage but only uses main hand. Pneumatic Burst for some easy healing and bonus speed.

Getting to the dodge at early levels is hard, as you wont have the damage output cuz ur missing the skills here. If you do want to dodge a lot: some gems give dodge chance and Lem rune gives 5/5 melee/ranged dodge. Haemosu's armor gives 15-20% ranged/melee dodge and Cat's eye amulet gives about 20% ranged dodge chance.

Easiest would be, I think, level melee till lvl39, then switch to a strafe amazon with Harmony bow, till u get to high level. And then switch back.

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