Thunderdome Bruiser

Rot Version:
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Lion, Tsunami, Viper, Jackal, Eel, Owl, Hawk, Raven, Quill, Scholar's Light
Kraken, Tempest, Widow, Crab, Rhowan's Crown
Attack Seru, the Mirage, Blind Sage, Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun

Weapons: Mythical Immortal King's Stone Crusher
Helm: Mythical Immortal King's Will
Chest: Mythical Immortal King's Soul Cage
Shoulders: Mythical Immortal King's Shoulders
Pants: Mythical M'avina's Leggings
Gloves: Mythical Immortal King's Forge
Boots: Mythical Immortal King's Pillar
Belt: Mythical Immortal King's Detail
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope
Rings: 2x Bul-Kathos Wedding Band
Medal: Barbarian's Annihilus (preferably a Bash or all skills bonus)
Relic: Titan's Trinket with Concentration (Paladin's Trinket with Conviction as alternative)

Components / Augments

2x Gul and 1x Ohm in head, chest, and weapon.

Solael's Voidward, Dreeg's Fiendblood, and Coven Bloodied Ash as required to overcap resists. The remainder Solael's Bloodbinding.

Skyshard Powder in rings and amulets.

4x Physical to Lightning Rainbow Facets.

Silk Swatch in shoulder and pants. Mutated Scales in boots. Enchanted Earth in boots. Spellscorched Plating in belt.

Act 3 lightning damage mercenary.



Bash - Max
Stun - Max
Berserker Rage - Max
Increased Speed - Max
Shout - 1 point
Battle Orders - 1 point
Battle Command - Enough to hit +3 skills
Iron Skin - 1 point
Natural Resistances - 1 Point
Whirlwind - 1 point


Savagery - Max
Might of the Bear - Max
Tenacity of the Board - Max
Storm Touched - Max
Mogdrogen's Pact - Max
Heart of the Wild - Max
Oak Skin - 1 point
Wind Devil - 1 point
Raging Tempest - Max
Maelstrom - 1 point
Brute Force - Max
Feral Hunger - Max
Upheaval - Max
Wendigo Totem - Remaining points
Blood Pact - 1 point

Extra Information

Use Savagery to build up 9 charges, than Bash your opponent to death. Cast a Wendigo Totem on the ground to make you essentially immortal, and constantly cast Wind Devil to keep 3 of them up. Use Whirlwind for clearing trash.

Keep all 7 auras up at all times as well as your Merc. Set your merc to aggressive to try and keep it in your Wendigo Totem so it never dies.

For devotions: 4 points in Tsunami, 5 points in Attack Seru, 4 points in Blind Sage, 1 point in Korvaak, rest max. Make sure Arcane Bomb is assigned to Bash as it provides lightning resist reduction which will stack with your Wind Devils. I have Reckless Tempest assigned to Savagery as well.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

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