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Rot Version:
Classic Necromancer
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Eel, Empty Throne, Jackal, Lion, Lotus, Panther, Rat, Raven, Toad
Chariot of the Dead, Behemoth, Harvestman's Scythe, Manticore, Oklaine's Lanturn, Revenant, Wendigo

Main hand: Heart of the Oak (Runeword)
Offhand: Spirit (Runeword)
Chest: Chains of Honor (Runeword)
Pants: Mythical Soiled Trousers
Boots: Gore Rider
Gloves: Trang-ouls claws (Mythical if you can get them)
Shoulders: Rotgheist Shoulderguards
Helm: Harlequin Crest
Belt: Chains of Agony (Recipe)
Ring 1: Thief's Signet
Ring 2: Bul-kathos' Wedding Band
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope
Trinket: Titan's Trinket (Concentration)
Medal: Annihilus +2 to Poison Nova / Hydra / Lower Resist

Components / Augments

Important components are Gul Runes on everything you can put them on.

Rainbow Facets - Elemental > Acid (need 4x these to get 100% Elemental > Acid conversion).

Augments are Acid Damage on Rings and amulets: Survivor's Ingenuity or Nature's Wrath

Weapons / Offhand: Coven's Bane

Other Components / Augments Prioritize: Attack rating and maxing your resists.


Skills to max in order:
Poison Nova
Energy Shield
Lower Resist
Every Elemental Mastery in Sorc tree
Warmth as needed

1 point wonders:
All the glacial armors
Thunder Storm
Bone Armor
Amp Damage

Point dumps:
Bone Armor

Extra Information

Merc is your choice, I went with Blessed aim merc. Prayer merc works great too.
Max int with enough into Strength to wear gear / Strength glitch gear if able.


Kite galore with shotgun. If you're tanky enough to facetank, stand underneath the boss and spam poison nova. If not, spam poison nova and hydra from afar while keeping your Curse up (Amp dmg) and Bone Armor up for the extra phys protection. With Decrepify, nothing should ever come within range of you unless they charge you, and then you can just teleport away.

Uber Tristam takes me about 2-3 minutes to kill all 3 bosses with this build, nothing can really trap me or CC me thanks to Thief's Signet and you get enough life steal from hydras to always stay at full hp. Your only problem is getting 1 shot, but thanks to Energy Shield and all the physical resist we get from our helm and armor, very few things can one shot you.

The few times you will die will be in SR 100s but you will be able to walk through most SR100 levels. Just a few that are a pain.

I did not take Raise the dead on the Revenant and didn't take the Chaos Damage / skill node on Abomination.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Start off with Teeth, rush to poison nova. Max out poison nova and get high hp / acid damage % gear. Put 1 point in Lower resist curse, craft the White rune word and Spirit Runeword and it'll take you all the way to Hell, pay attention to your resists every time you difficulty jump. Keep them as high as possible and you'll be fine.

Use a Mal rune as a component once bosses start getting too tanky for you and you don't have Gore Rider boots. This will shorten a lot of your boss fights until you're geared.

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