The Smiler: Physical Teeth

Rot Version:
Classic Necromancer
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Assassin's Blade, Eel, Facon, Hammer, Panther, Raven, Stag, Tortise
Dire Bear, Harvestman's Scythe, Oklaine's Lanturn, Rhowan's Sceptre, Ulzaad, Herald of Korvaak
Oleron, Azrakaa, the Eternal Sands, Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun

Helm: Harlequin Crest [Drop]

Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope [Drop]

Rings: Stone of Jordan [Drop] / Bul-Kathos [Drop]

Main-Hand: Breath of the Dying (In a Mace) [Runeword]

Off-Hand: Heart of the Oak [Runeword]

Chest: Chains of Honor [Runeword]

Legs: Physical % Damage/HP/Atk.Rating [Rare; drop]

Shoulders: Physical % Damage/HP/Atk.Rating [Rare; drop] / Mythic Amarastan Pauldrons [Crafted]

Gloves: Mythical Sandreaver Bracers [Drop]

Boots: Goreriders [Drop]

Belt: Arachnid Mesh [Drop]

Medal: Annihilus [Uber Tristram]

Relic: Titan's Trinket (with Concentration) [Brutalus; Hidden Uber]

Components / Augments

Components: Gul in main-hand, off-hand and chest. Cham in helm. Magic -> Physical Facets in rings, amulet and medal.

Augments: % Physical damage where applicable.

Rest is up to you; just make sure to over-cap your lightning resistance by 120, and fire/cold/poison by at least 90.


MAX - Teeth
MAX - Amplify Damage
MAX - Weaken

MAX - Berserker Rage
MAX - Improved Speed
MAX - Mace Mastery
MAX - Scepter Mastery
MAX - Battle Orders
MAX - Shout
MAX - Iron Skin
MAX - Natural Resistance

Battle Command - Until +3 All Skills

1 Point - Decrepify
1 Point - Life Tap

1 Point - Frenzy
1 Point - Increased Stamina

Dump rest in C-Necromancer bar and/or Increased Stamina.

Extra Information

Don't bother kiting; you're able to facetank pretty much everything in the game as long as you maintain Life Tap.

Benchmarks (w/o a mercenary):

Baba Yaga - 16s
Lilith - 27s (Duriel is slower due to debuffs)
Uber Tristram - ~2m

Devotion Path:

1. Yellow X-Road
2. Panther
3. Assassin's blade
4. Tortoise
5. Remove Yellow X-Road
6. Falcon
7. Dire bear
8. Hammer
9. Purple X-Road
10. Blue X-Road
11. Azrakaa
12. Raven
13. Ulzaad
14. Oklaine's Lanturn
15. Rhrowan's Scepter
16. Harvestman's Schyte
17. Oleron (Everything But The Skill)
18. Remove Blue X-Road
19. Stag
20. Eel
21. Korvaak (Tie Skill To Teeth)

Sadly a lot of abilities will go unused due to a shortage of attack spells, so it's up to you which ones you want to use. Other than binding Korvaak--all of them are completely unessential to the build.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Teeth, Berserker Rage and Increased Speed while stacking +All Skills and % Magic Damage can carry your to 75, where you then transition to physical.

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