Tempest Archmage: Lightning Frozen Orb

Rot Version:
Pack Clearing
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Crane, Eel, Lizard, Viper, Wraith, Scholar's Light, Jackal, Panther
Chariot of the Dead, Rhowan's Crown, Scales of Ulcama, Tempest
Ishtak, the Spring Maiden, Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun, Ultos, Shepard of Storms, Spear of the Heavens

Helm: Harlequin Crest [Drop]

Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope [Drop]

Rings: x2 Stone of Jordan [Drop]

Main-Hand: Eschuta's Temper [Drop]

Off-Hand: Spirit [Runeword]

Chest: Chains of Honor [Runeword]

Legs: Lightning % Damage/HP/HP%

Shoulders: Lightning % Damage/HP/HP%

Gloves: Mythical Purging Touch [Drop]

Boots: Goreriders [Drop]

Belt: Arachnid Mesh [Drop]

Medal: Annihilus [Uber Tristram]

Relic: Titan's Trinket (with Concentration) [Brutalus; Hidden Uber]

Components / Augments

Components: Gul in main-hand, off-hand and chest. Cham in helm. Cold -> Lightning Facets in rings, amulet and medal.

Rest is up to you; just make sure to over-cap your lightning resistance by 120, and fire/cold/poison by at least 90.


Attribute Points:

Dexterity - Until you hit 5.1k Atk.Rating
Strength - Dump Rest

NOTE: Due to a bug or oversight in the GD core, too many +All Skills doesn't work properly with the Arcanist skill tree which can lead to wasted skill points. Essentially the Arcanist spells are seemingly hard-capped at rank 22, meaning that any +All Skills you equip--that would push the spells above rank 22--are wasted. The easiest way to rectify this is to remove skill points from every capped Arcanist skill after equipping gear with additional +All Skills.

MAX - Charged Bolt
MAX - Lightning Mastery
MAX - Energy Shield
MAX - Frozen Orb
MAX - Pathology
MAX - Enchant
MAX - Frozen Armor

MAX - Iskandra's Elemental Exchange
MAX - Maiven's Sphere of Protection
MAX - Overload
MAX - Inner Focus
MAX - Star Pact

1 Point - Shiver Armor
1 Point - Chilling Armor
1 Point - Cold Mastery
1 Point - Fire Mastery
1 Point - Warmth
1 Point - Lightning Storm

1 Point - Elemental Balace
1 Point - Arcane Will
1 Point - Mental Alacrity

Dump rest into Chilling Armor and/or Fire Mastery.

Extra Information

Frozen Orb in AoE scenarios, and Pathology + Charged Bolt for Single Target situations.

Benchmarks (w/o a mercenary):

Baba Yaga - 50s
Lilith - 1m15s
Uber Tristram - ~4-5m (due to the inability to fight all 3 at the same time)

Devotion Path:

1. Red X-Road
2. Viper
3. Green X-Road
4. Scholar's Light
5. Wraith
6. Quill
7. Rhowan's Crown (Bind Skill to Charged Bolt)
8. Tempest
9. Jackal
10. Yellow X-Road
11. Panther
12. Ultos (bind skill to Frozen Orb)
13. Chariot
14. Remove Red X-Road
15. Purple X-Road
16. Remove Quill
17. Eel
18. Lizard
19. Blue X-Road
20. Spear of the Heavens
21. Korvaak (all but skill)
22. Crane
23. Scales of Ulcama
24. Ishtak

On-Hit abilities can be bound to whatever.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Due to the versatility of Sorceresses you're free to level using whatever skill/build you want. I personally went with Charged Bolt until I hit Nightmare, where I then went Frozen Orb/Cold Mastery and farmed cows until Lv.75.

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