Sorceress Convict

Rot Version:
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Eel, Empty Throne, Ghoul, Hawk, Owl, Quill, Scarab, Scholar's Light, Tortise
Alladrah's Phoenix, Amatok, Spirit of Winter, Bard's Harp, Oklaine's Lanturn, Shieldmaiden, Targo the Builder
Leviathan, Obelisk of Menhir

Main Hand: Heart Of The Oak
Shield: Spirit
Helm: Nightwing's Veil or Shako
Amulet: Seraph's Hymn
Ring #1: Dwarf Star
Ring #2: Raven Frost
Chest: Chains Of Honor
Shoulder's: Mythical Fateweaver's Mantel
Gloves: Soiul Drainer's
Pant's: Impervious Preserver Legwraps Of The Winter Storm
Boot's: Resistant Preserver Boots Of The King
Belt: Arachnid's
Medal: AetherFire Exalted Star of The Gilded Arcanum (OR Sorceress OR Paladin Annihilus)
Relic: Iskandra's Balance Relic (OR Sorceress OR Paladin Torch)

Components / Augments

Main Hand: Perfect Skull + Dreeg's Foresight
Shield: Seal of Destruction + Coven's Guile
Helm: Perfect Skill + Coven's Bloodied Ash
Amulet: Seal Of Annihilation (OR Cold Rainbow Facet) + Arcanum Dust
Ring #1: Ectoplasm (OR Cold/FIRE Rainbow Facet) + Arcanum Dust
Ring #2: Ectoplasm (OR Cold/FIRE Rainbow Facet) + Arcanum Dust
Chest: Perfect Topaz + Kingsguard Powder
Shoulders: Living Armor + Malmouth Fortifying Powder
Gloves: Restless Remains + Wendigo Soulscent Powder
Pant's: Ancient Armor Plate + Wendigo Bloodscent Powder
Boot's: Mark of Mogdrogen + Malmouth Woundsear Powder
Belt: Spellscorched Plating + Wendigo Soulscent Powder
Medal: Runebond Topaz ( OR Cold/FIRE Rainbow Facet) + Act 2 Azrael


Sorceress Skills:
Primary Skill: Frost Nova (MAX)
Secondary Skill: Meteor (MAX)
Third Skill: Hydra (MAX)
Teleport: (5-10 Points)
Static: (1 Point)
Buff Skill: Warmth (MAX)
Buff Skill: Enchant (MAX)
Buff Skill: Frozen Shield (MAX LAST)
Buff Skill: Shiver Armor (1 Point)
Buff Skill: Thunderstorm (1 Point)
Buff Skill: Energy Shield (1 Point or You Decide)
Masteries: Cold (MAX)
Masteries: Fire (MAX)
Masteries: Light (1 Point)

Paladin Skills:
Aura Skill: Conviction (MAX)
Buff Skill: Holy Shield (MAX)

Extra Information

Strength : (Just as much as gear requirement is needed!)
Dexterity: (Just as much as gear requirement is needed!)
Intelligence: (Max!)

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Frost Nova Is a bit OP starting out! I started out using basic gear such as "Lore" for Helmet; "Enlightenment" for the Chest, "Spirit" for the Shield and anything that gave (+) skills to Sorceress. I didn't get Paladin aura "Conviction" until late Nightmare when it really mattered for "HELL". Paste yourself correctly with going from Normal to Nightmare into Hell and OFC if you feel a bit squishy always run Cow's after completing each difficulty for the next difficulty since cow leveling is OP. This build WILL work for Hardcore if tweaked properly but NO GUARANTEE!!! hehe

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