Smite and Kite

Rot Version:
Boss Killing
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Jackal, Lion, Scholar's Light, Quill, Owl, Empty Throne, Eel, Hawk
Solemn Watcher, Hyrian, Guardian of the Celestial Gates, Messenger of War, Alladrah's Phoenix, Crab, Rhowan's Crown
Ultos, Shepard of Storms, Leviathan, Attack Seru, the Mirage

Andariels Visage
Silence or Doom mace
Chains of Honor
Myth. Fateweaver pants (or Really great pants)
Gore Rider Boots
Laying of Hands (or Lava Gout)
Dragonscale shield is best. Alternative options are Herald of Zakarum, Myth. Final Stop or Myth. Skybreach Bulwark.

The mainhand damage does not matter at all (except a little bit for charge and hydra). It's just a stat-stick. Get +skills on it, something with high attack speed. This makes Silence one of the best weapons (in my opinion) because it has insane to all resists, decent speed, mana leech and a nice 35% dmg to undead for some hidden ubers.
Doom lacks the resists, but instead has higher attack speed, Holy freeze aura for if u want to clear Cow/SRs and a decent 50-80% resist reduction

Components / Augments

physical to elemental facets


Paladin: Smite, Holy Shield and Conviction maxed, 1 point in charge for mobility (great escape skill when you are slowed by 90% by the ubers)

Sorceress: Hydra, Enchant, 3 elemental masteries, Frozen & Shiver Armor.
1 point in thunderstorm, chilling armor
Spend remaining points between warmth and energy shield.

Extra Information

This build already was quite a strong uberkiller, but now with the hydra rework, the damage output has doubled since you can do a lot of damage while you have to dodge some uber attacks.
It is not a retalation build, but I did pick many retaliation devotions as they tend to make you more tanky and it does give some damage (22k dmg is from retalation in my case)

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

While leveling, I leveled as a retalation build. Smite is a very good leveling skill. Get lucky with Sigon's Armor + shield. Apply skulls to your mainhand weapon, helm and chest, and an Onyx gem (or another skull) to shield and you're good to go (or shael to both weapon and shield). You can stack your thorns together with the thorns from mercenary and Bramble (runeword) armor.
Alternatively, spamming charge works fine if you have enough mana leech, or level with frost nova/chain lightning/fireball sorc.

Up to you.

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