Shock Wave Druid

Rot Version:
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Tortise, Sailor's Guide, Tsunami, Lizard, Viper, Vulture, Crane, Scholar's Light, Quill, Empty Throne, Hawk
Bard's Harp
Light of Empyrion, Ishtak, the Spring Maiden, Tree of Life, Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun, Ultos, Shepard of Storms

Weapon1: Mythical Aldur's Rhythm
Weapon2: Mythical Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye
Helm: Mythical Tal Rasha's
Chest: Mythical Tal Rasha's
Shoulders: Mythical Tal Rasha's
Pants: Mythical Tal Rasha's
Gloves: Mythical Immortal King's
Boots: Mythical Aldur's
Belt: Mythical Immortal King's
Amulet: Mythical Tal Rasha's
Rings: Bul-Kathos x2
Medal: Mythical Korvaaks Brand or Druid/Sorc Annhilus (see section on dual wielding for options)
Relic: Titan's Trinket or Dual wield relic like Bladesworn Talisman

Components / Augments

Weapons: Gul/ Ravager's Eye
Helm: Mal/Venomguard Powder
Chest: Gul/Solael's Soulbinding
Shoulders: Sacred Plating/Dreeg's Fiendblood
Pants: Silk Swatch/Coven Black Ash
Gloves: Bladed Plating/Solael's Soulbinding
Boots: Mark of Mogdrogen/Solael's Soulbinding
Belt: Bladed Plating/Coven Black Ash
Amulet: Molten Wildebeests Gizzard/Survivor's Ingenuity
Rings: Phys->Elemental Facet/Survivor's Ingenuity
Medal: Phys->Elemental Facet/Act 4 Merc (Agatha)


Max these Sorc Skills:
Lightning/Cold/Fire Masteries
Energy Shield

Max these Druid skills:
Oak Sage
Heart of Wolverine
Lycanthropy (if Hardcore)

One Point Wonders:
Frozen/Shiver/Chilling Armor
Spirit of Barbs

Dump leftover in Frozen Armor

Extra Information

Great build for new players just starting the game, since both Druid and Sorc are top tier leveling classes. This build can get you to end game, and it is excellent for Hardcore also. Clears fast, and can take down Uber's. If you get any framerate issues, swap Blaze for Hydra, and maybe swap Blizzard also if you are on a toaster. They are mainly used to proc devotions. Please note: augments/components/devotions I have posted are tailored to the gear and skills posted, if you use other gear you will want to alter them to get your resists/attack/defense to where you want it. Important note: you do not need the listed gear to clear all the end game content, see the Leveling Guide section.

Devotions: Only put 4 points into Ultos, Shepherd of the Storm to get Hand of Ultos. 5 points into Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun to get Eye of Korvaak.
Devotion Attachments:
-Hand of Ultos->Shockwave
-Eye of Korvaack->Blizzard
-The On Hit devotions just attach to your buffs.

Dual wielding options:
-At level 25 you can craft a Bladesworn Talisman at the anvil in town (also higher level versions with better stats)
-Black Hades chest armor. Random drop, level 53
-(Mythical)Korvaaks Brand-rare drop and higher level

Hardcore: The setup posted is built for hardcore. If you are on Softcore, you could make a few changes to get higher dps or more utility. Examples would be changing the component in the amulet, putting only 1 point in Lycanthropy. I went heavy into health/regen/damage absorption type devotions, so you could swap those over to more damage oriented ones.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Some skills that work well for leveling include the Sorc Hydra and Druid pets, Hurricane or rabies. Play around with them (free respecs in town) and see what you like the most. Oak Sage for the huge hitpoint boost if on Hardcore. One of the best things for new players is that this build does not require damage conversion facets (which take a while to get), but I recommend them once you are able to acquire them. Phys->Elemental facets are ideal, but any facets that convert to elemental will be a nice boost. A fun weapon for this build is Doom, and you can craft it at level 67.

Attributes: I put enough points into them to equip all gear. Any extra went into Strength/Dex to boost attack and defense. For endgame, you want at least 4.000 defense, and 5,000 attack.

The gear I killed all the Hidden Ubers with my first time, as well as all 3 Uber Tristram Ubers was pretty bad, and had not even one Mythical set item. The main things you will want are a source of Crushing Blow (xx% Chance of xx% Reduction to Enemy Health). Examples are Gore Rider boots, M'avina's boots, Black Hades chest, Mal rune etc. You will want good attack rating and defense (use 4 Gul runes if you need). I killed the Ubers with 4257 Attack Rating (not including A4 Merc since he dies) and 3570 Defense. More Attack would have been good, as the fight was quite slow. I also had a lucky drop from the world boss and had a Molten Wildebeest Gizzard, which helped my survival against dot's and degens. Gear use for reference was: non-mythical Tal Rasha helm, amulet, scepter and chest; Palashia shoulders and gloves; Gore Rider boots; random yellow pants; Tran-guls belt (good defense); crafted Doom weapon; mythical lifegiver signet and wisp projector rings; mythical solemn mark medal; crafted bladesworn talisman; no facets. Pretty random gear as you can see. Farming for better gear than this is recommended before tackling the Ubers, because it is slow until your attack is higher.

If you farm World Bosses at level 89 or higher, they can drop Mythical set items. When you get two of the same items, you can transmute one in town to another mythical set item of the same set. This makes it relatively easy to get most of the recommended gear. I did not switch from my leveling build (pets or hydra or whatever you use) to my Shock Wave build until about level 89 I think. The reason is that Shock Wave is a mid-range/melee type attack, and melee is penalized very hard in ROT. So at high levels of gear, melee is fantastic and will outshine even a good pet build, but the weaker your gear is, the harder it is to play as melee (pets are currently OP and due for nerf, so keep that in mind).

Resists: Some Uber/World/SR bosses will curse you and lower your resists. The most common curse lowers your elemental resist, so you want to over cap it (so if your resists are capped at 80, for the Uber Tristram bosses I would try to get at least 180 for each elemental resist(100 over the cap). Other bosses lower poison resist, and the Shattered Realm bosses also will lower chaos, vitality and magic resist, but not by a huge amount. You are probably ok with about 50 over the cap. You can get by with less resists, since the build is so tanky, but its a good goal to aim for especially if you play hardcore.

Birds posted his own take on a Shock Wave Druid a while back, and it's worth taking a look:!

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