Secret Keeper Whirlwind Build

Rot Version:
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Viper, Jackal, Eel, Raven, Scholar's Light, Quill, Harpy, Owl, Empty Throne, Sailor's Guide
Chariot of the Dead, Rhowan's Crown, Solemn Watcher
Leviathan, Attack Seru, the Mirage, Blind Sage, Ultos, Shepard of Storms

Required pieces are:
Passion weapon for berserk (and that sweet AR)
Titan's Trinket relic for whirlwind
Korvaak's medal to dual wield.

I use a Famine for that huge flat elemental in main hand, passion offhand.

Chains of Honor, Andariels Visage, Gore Riders, Chains of Anguish belt (debuff is harsh, you can use something else to prevent getting oneshot at times), Highlords wrath amulet, 1 bul-kathos ring, I was lucky with a good MI ring with high elemental damage, but I don't know if a 2nd Bul-Khathos ring or some GD legendary will actually be better.

If you want to speed farm AoE, equip Immortal Kings, Aldurs or Natalya's Boots. Doom instead of Famine for +2 to all and holy freeze. (or maybe just always Doom and no famine, haven't tried)

Components / Augments

convert all physical to elemental through jewels.
I'm using act1 fire mercenary, for a small (150-ish) AR boost, but because the merc is ranged, it actually survives most uber fights.

Also use 4x gul.

In Hell not all resists (chaos/poison/magic I think), aren't maxed but about 50% or something. Use augments to get those up, but only really needed it you do SR or for the special H-uber.


From inquisitor:
Max Deadly aim, Aura of Censure, Word of Renewal+ modifiers, Horn of Gandarr (optional)
Inquisitors Seal + modifier

From Sorceress:
Max all 3 elemental masteries, Enchant, Blaze.
Mix and match the 3 ice shields, energy shield and warmth to keep ur mana up.

Extra Information

I have put points in Word of Pain and the tree line (maxed out Word of Agony for max radius). But this whole line is optional, it works with a devotion procs on normal monsters, I guess. A better investment would be maxing out the shields from sorceress tree.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Do whatever it takes. Full power!

Use sorc as main leveling class, inquisitor for defensive buffs.
Icebolt/blast/glacial spike works great while leveling, so does fireball or chain lightning.

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