Rabies Hierophant

Rot Version:
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Akeron's Scorpion, Eel, Hawk, Jackal, Owl, Panther, Rat, Sailor's Guide, Spider
Chariot of the Dead, Kraken, Manticore, Murmur, Mistress of Rumors, Solemn Watcher
Abomination, Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun, Yugol, the Insatiable Night, Ulzuin's Torch

Weapons: Mythical Dreegal'anore-->BOTD 2h
Helm: Andys(Shako works too)
Chest: Chains of Honor
Shoulders: Mythical Shoulderguards of Perdition or any good rare with resist/AR/acid&poison dmg
Pants: Mythical Soiled Trousers or any good pants just like shoulders
Gloves: Mythical Viperfang Grips. Mythical perdition gloves or a high rolled laying of hands can work too.
Boots: Gore Riders
Belt: Arachnid Mesh, Murmur kiss, or Chains of Anguish
Amulet: Mara's or high warlords
Rings: Mythical Widows Sting(craftable)x2, BK/SOJ or any good acid/poison ring should work as well.
Medal: Druid any +2-3 on Maul or Rabies.
Relic: titans trinket with concetration aura

Components / Augments

Weapons: Gul
Helm: Gul
Chest: Gul
Amulet: Natures Wrath act2 augment
Rings: Natures Wrath Act2 augment
Augments should be tinkered with to get your needs resolved. Same with components imo. Theres no set must have here but you want to be able to survive so i prioritized resist and since we are 2h I went 3 guls but with how much AR we get from oak sage, presence of virtue, and devoitions you can probably forgo 1 gul if you want.

As for facets convert damage to acid. If your using Dreegal'nore you can x2 phys to acid and x2 ele/fire to acid and have it all fully converted. With BOTD probably want x4 phys to acid or at least x3.


Oak Sage
Heart of the Wolverine
Armagheddon(or Hurricane)
Path of the Three
Celestial Presence
Clarity of Purpose
Presence of Virtue

#of points varies
Druid: 1 point werewolf and werebear
Oathkeeper: 1 point Righteous Ferver, Haven, Rebuke, Smite, Summon Guardian, Scion of Dreeg.

You can spend extra points however you like. Ravens can be useful to get that debuff on bosses and it may be worth it to put more points in say smite for extra damage.

Extra Information

Devotion Notes: We have a 2 constellations we dont take every node
Abomination: Everything except last 2 nodes on small arm with the Abominable Might ability the elbow node is fine but I found a more useful spot for it.
Chariot of the Dead - everything but the upper right node for chaos and stun resist.

Note you can move points around if you wish but this is what I am using. Also You might be asking why are we not putting more points into werewolf or werebear forms this is because they are exclusive and Path of the Tree is our exclusive skill of choice. I have done some testing and found Path of the Tree works best for me. However They I am still using Dreegal'anore sword and if I switched to BOTD it make push a wereform over the top. That being said its personal preference as the perfomance wasnt sooo huge a different that it would be a big deal. It also could very greatly depending what gear pieces you choose to use.

This Build has been tested on Uber Trist and can solo all 3 bosses. I actually had to fight Meph and Baal at same time and killed them. That did take a little bit as I could not facetank both and had to kite a lot. But with Armageddon and Rabies I was able to bring them down. Otherwise Diablo went down in a reasonable time. My best brutalis kill was 47 seconds.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Level as druid for sure. Id get 1 point in maul eventually to wack tanky stuff but you can level with fire spells till you get rabies or what i did was just level with fire till Hurricane then level rabies and that carried me through all of hell just with those.

Last Note: This build is not meant to be super meta. I tried to optimize it best I could using Rabies and going for acid/poison damage type but we are not dual wielding and using barb, Necro, or possibly Nightblade are other options that may perform better. Note you can still use this guide to help utilize those builds but if your dual wield Kraken devotion needs to be dropped and if you go Barb you might decide to convert acid to phys so a total devo rework would be necesary. But if you want to really step out of the meta and get creative try this build out or go nightblade or something else entirely and make it your own the build works but does require a bit more effort than some other tried and true options.

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