Poison Javazon of Dreeg

Rot Version:
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Lion, Crane, Rat, Akeron's Scorpion, Sailor's Guide, Lizard, Jackal, Hound, Eel, Vulture, Lotus
Scales of Ulcama, Ulo, the Keeper of the Water, Manticore
Light of Empyrion, Ishtak, the Spring Maiden, Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun, Abomination

Weapon: Palashia's Stinging Striker
Offhand: Palashia's Toxic Waste
Helm: Andariel's Visage
Chest: Palashia's Acidic Abdomen
Shoulders: Palashia's Shoulderguard
Pants: Palashia's Exoskeleton Legguards
Gloves: Palashia's Venomguard Vicegrips
Boots: Mythical Aldur's Advance
Belt: Mythical Tal-Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth
Amulet: Palashia's Emerald Eye
Rings: Carrion Wind and Mythical Apothecary's Wisdom
Medal: Amazon's Annihilus with +Poison Javelin or Jab
Relic: Hellfire Torch with +Poison Javelin or Jab

Components / Augments


3x Gul and 1x Mal in weapons/helm/chest.

4x Vitality converted to Acid Rainbow Facets

3x Spellscorched Plating in pants/boots/belt

2x Mutated Scales in shoulders/gloves


2x Dreeg's Spinedust in weapon/offhand

3x Rotgut Venom in rings/amulet

1x Flameweave Powder

5x Dreeg's Veilward

1x Solael's Bloodbinding

Act 5 mercenary with Shout.

Buy/craft and drink Flamedrinker Ointment for Uber Tristram.



Poison Javelin - Max
Plague Javelin - Max
Jab - Max
Critical Strike - Max
Retreat - Max
Penetrate - Max
Valkyrie - Max
Evade - 1 point + remainder
Inner Sight - 1 point + remainder
Dodge - 1 point
Avoid - 1 point


Curse of Frailty - 1 point
Vulnerability - Max
Blood of Dreeg - Max
Aspect of the Guardian - Max
Possession - Max

Extra Information

Keep 100% uptime on Blood of Dreeg. Cast Curse of Frailty and Inner Sight constantly to get -71% Poison and Acid resist reduction on whatever you are fighting. Use a combination of Jab and Poison Javelin to keep both poison DoTs rolling on bosses. I tend to find shotgunning Poison Javelin provides better attack damage. Cast Pulling Pool of Poison and Fecal Tactics for some extra DoT damage.

Devotions: Manitcore - 4 points for the flat poison damage, Abomination - 5 points left side, Scales of Ulcama - 1 point, Obelisk of Menhir - 2 points left side, Light of Empyrion - 1 point, Ishtak - 4 points, Korvaak - 5 points, Ulo - 3 points for elemental resistance, Scorpion Sting celestial power attached to Poison Javelin.

Kills all Ubers in 15-30 seconds, world bosses in seconds. Has very high survivability and takes little damage despite being a melee ranged caster. Blood of Dreeg will help keep 100% uptime on the mercenary and valkyrie. Can roll through SR90 effortlessly, and push to SR120+ with minimal risk, which demonstrates how durable this build is despite being damage focused.

Most of the gear is very easy to find as Palashia's and Carrion Wind are common random drops. Mythical Apothecary's Wisdom from SR is best chance. Mythical Tal-Rasha's and Aldurs from world bosses or ubers. Annihilus and Hellfire Torch from Uber Tristram will be the final items, use anything with resists until you get these.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Level with jab or the spear abilities to suit whatever gear you have. Respec to Poison Javelin (if not already using it) when you have Palashia's. Level up the Amazon damage skills and mastery bar first, then focus on getting Blood of Dreeg and the Occultist mastery bar.

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