Sigotura Nakura
Rot Version:
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Hawk, Panther, Lotus, Scarab, Tortise, Wraith, Viper, Jackal
Solemn Watcher, Widow, Manticore, Chariot of the Dead
Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun, Light of Empyrion, Tree of Life, Spear of the Heavens

Mythical Griswold's Legacy, full set, this is what makes this build possible!!!

Amulet: Seraph's Hymn
Rings: 2xBull-Kathos' Wedding Band
Medal: Paladin annihilus(get one with 3 to conviction or if u are lucky enough, with 3 to paladin skills)
Relic: Paladin Trinket with Conviction
Belt: Mythical Chains of Anguish
Boots: Imp Shanks
Gloves: Soul Drainer

Components / Augments

Head: Mal Rune + Solael's Bloodbinding
Weapon and Shield: Gul Rune+Bysmiel's Shroud
Body: Gul Rune + Solael's Bloodbinding
Pants: Ancient Armor plate + Solael's Bloodbind
Belt/Boots/Gloves: Enchanted Earth + Solael's Bloodbinding
Shoulders: Sacred Plating+Solael's Bloodbinding
Amulet/rings: rainbow facet with physical to magic damage conversion + Irrah's Patience
Medal: rainbow facet with physical to magic damage conversion and act 4 offensive merc


Paladin Tree Maxing:
Blessed Hammer, Fist of heavens, Holy Bolt, Holy Shield, Conviction

Arcanist Tree Maxing:
Inner Focus, Mental Alacrity, Fabric of Reality, Overload, Elemental Balance

One point Wonders:
Arcane Will, Conversion, Iskandra's Elemental exchange, Maiven's Sphere of Protection , Mirror of Ereoctes
Charge, Redemption

Now, for the rest of the points, if you do not have a 3 to paladin skills any(here u need a 3 to conviction one), max resist lightning and put in the resist fire and cold, untill you have 3 or 4 max cold and fire res, if you do have such an anni, max resist lightning, u will gain 5 max lightning res, put in res cold/fire untill you have 5 max res cold and 4 max res fire(remember, in Grim dawn the tankiness matters a lot).

Personally, I have 91% fire, 92% cold, 95% lightning, 90% poison, 87% pierce, 87% bleeding, 87% vitality, 90% magic, 77% stun, 90% chaos resistances, after all buffs.

If you are left with free points, well do as you please, up to you.

Extra Information

Devotion assigning:
Tortoise + Maiven't Sphere of Protection(the things you need the less go together, always)
Chariot of the Dead + Iskandra's Elemental exchange
Spear of the Heavens + Conviction
Tree of Life + Holy Shield
Light of Erruption + Conviction(Relic)
Manticore + Blessed Hammer
Widow + Fist of the Heavens
Korvaak, the Eldrich Sun + Holy Bolt

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Leveling is pretty straightforward, rush to Holy Shield and FoH, max it, then rush to Conviction and max it+B Hammer. Then take Arcanist, max Inner Focus+Iskandra's EE and rush to Maiven's Sphere, max it, then rush to last passives.
Try keeping resists maxed, take Tortoise and Widow in devo's and rush all other defensive one's, then offensive ones. 2x Spirit rw and it's fine. Seraph's amulet, some pally sceptres also work for leveling. Take act4 defensive merc and use until heavy endgame, then change for act4 offensive one or act 5 bo one. Try keeping your armor high as much as possible. If you havent Griswold's shield Exile rw is good option. Search for decent roll of Verdungo's belt on nm/sr. You can start clearing all content having only set equipped actually, you need physical to magic facets, because this gives most damage, gores, leg components etc. Once all is gathered, you melt everything so fast, that you make the fast melters look like a snail+turtle hybrids.

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