Lupus Sanguine

Rot Version:
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Crane, Shepard's Crook, Nighttalon, Raven, Hawk, Empty Throne, Toad, Lion, Eel, Hound, Panther
Huntress, Bysmiel's Bonds, Staff of Rattosh
Mogdrogen the Wolf, Tree of Life, Ishtak, the Spring Maiden, Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun

No specific gear is required early on, you can run almost naked!

For later bosses -
Weapon - Heart of the oak (can use crescent moon for more wolves, but they are a bit weak)
Shield - Spirit for max skills
Ammulet - Mara's
Rings - stone of jordan / any ring with pet bonusses
Boots - any speed boots, I am using Aldur's for the bonus to pets
Belt - Arachnid mesh (or any with pet bonuses)
Chest - Rain / optional - chains of honor
Legs and shoulders- anything to max your resistances , ideally with pet bonus
Gloves - Dracul's grasp is useful, but ... same as legs...anything!
Titans trinket with concentration is ideal - any pet bonus works
Annhilus, or any medal with pet bonuses

End game you can use Mythical Aldurs to replace some/most above items - not neccesary though.

Components / Augments

Start with 4 Hel runes, upgrade as you see fit. I am currently running 1 gul for extra AR, 1 um for more res for pets, 1 cham for immunity to many stats, 1 vex for extra bleed. all optional... choose the strongest runes you have/want.

Optional - 4 ele to phys facets (anything "to phys actually... to increase minion phys damage)

Augments to increase minion damage and their res - try to get max ele and poison res on minions late game to make Uber fight easier.

Other augments and components - to max your resistances (most augs don't affect pets).
You can also use components that max your life, at lvl 92 I have well over 30k


In order of priority -
Max Spirit wolf
Max Heart of wolverine
Max Mighty grizzly
Max Mogdrogen's pact (in HC prioritize this a bit)
Max Primal Bond
Max Emboldening Prescence (min 1 point in prereques - can max brarthorne late game)
Max Devouring swarm to proc Howl and reduce resists.
1 point summon grizzly (can max late game)

1 point Grasping to proc Shepherd's call
1 point Entangling vines cause... why not? :)
1 point wendingo Totem
1 point Blood pact
1 point spirit of barbs (optional)

summon dire wolf seems to be bugged, if you seem to be healing enemies - unselect this one (was happening to me with mephisto)

Max solar creeper
Max oak sage
later you can max raven,

Optional -
you can do oathkeepr instead of shaman, max celestial presence and the presence of virtue line, and resiliance. that gives you extra points for summons in druid. You can spec any 2 attacks for proc devotions. minions wont be as quite as tanky, but the constant debuf from presence makes them hit pretty hard

Extra Information

Gameplay- for most mobs just run around while your summons do it all - keep max ravens.
For bosses / cast swarm / grasping and totem to boost your minions and weaken enemies. (make sure the totem is near your pets so they gain the bonus bleeding and regen)

Make sure to use gear / augments that overcap your resists!

For devotions - a bit flexible here, I went for pet bonuses and bleeding. you can switch a few things around -

Crossroads - blue for requirements
From Korvaks - only the first point
Bonds - not the summon
Tree - not the left branch
Huntress Rend - on wolves

Attributes - all to strength for more life

Hireling - A4 Offensive for dmg.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Mr gazer if you have it, 4 hel runes as soon as you can (ideally from level 1!)
Start with raven, all the points to it until you have enough to unspec and have several points on summon wolves (or level with ravens!!!). max wolves asap, this is your bread and butter all the way! Rush Nightalon and then huntress for devotions.
Upgrade runes and equipement as you level up, +all skills or +druid are useful as you find them.

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