Lilith/Daenerys, Mother of All Hydras?

Rot Version:
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Tortise, Lion, Imp, Eel, Panther, Toad, Owl, Hawk, Scholar's Light, Quill, Raven, Spider
Bard's Harp, Rhowan's Crown, Alladrah's Phoenix, Ulo, the Keeper of the Water, Magi
Light of Empyrion, Blind Sage, Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun

Weapons: Doom(RuneWord, +2 skills and Holy Freeze Aura) or Heart of the Oak(RW, +3 skills and if you're playing HC for Oak Sage)

Shield: Dragon(RW, Spawns Hydras and gives Holy Fire Aura) - This is kinda the point of the build... you came here for something different.

Helm: I leveled with Dream(RW, lots Armor/resists with Holy Shock Aura), buuuuut for fighting Ubers You might want the standard Harlequin for the +2 and crit.

Chest: Dragon (RW, yes same as the shield! That means double the Hydra spawn! xD

Shoulders: I had a Unique Mythical piece with +130%ish Fire damage. Get as much %fire dam as possible.

Pants: Another Mythical Pair of somethings with +100%ish fire dam. Get as much +%fire dam as possible

Gloves: Same as Shoulder/Pants, you want as much %Fire dam as possible

Boots: I was using Mythical Molten Walkers+88%fire..... buuuuuut if you're gonna fight ubers just Goreriders cause of CB... i know i know.

Belt: I found this awesome belt had like +130% fire dam with atk rating and like 300hp... that said if you're not playing HC you could just do chains of anguish, or Arachnid Mesh is what I was looking for.

Amulet: Seraph's Hymn +1 Pally skill +1 All Skill with a good amount of Attack Rating and increased damage to ubers. or Mara's cause resists and +skills if you don't have those then anything with as MUCH FIRE DAMAGE AS POSS.. you get the point.

Rings: Had 2 rings both that gave me over 100% fire damage each, attack rating and some hp and resists. BK rings might help but meh.

Medal: I found some set item that was +130%fire and some All Elemental... buuut obviously you'll eventually want Sorc Annihilus with +hydra

Relic: Obviously Titans with Concentration cause how different can we really be... we need the AR. On the plus side this build murders Brutalus rather effortlessly without this.

Components / Augments

Weapons: Gul for Boss Killing, Ist for leveling
Helm: Cham or Gul for bosses, Ist for lvls
Chest: Gul for boss ... ist xD
Shoulders: Scaled Hide for 20% absorption
Pants: Scaled Hide ^
Gloves: Spellwoven Threads
Boots: Mark of Mogdrogen for HP&speed or Travelers for more speed and stun resist
Belt: Bladed Plating
Amulet+Rings+Medal: All Elemental to Fire Damage

I used A4 Offensive Merc and attached Elemental Storm Devotion to it.

Weapon Augments A5 has some nice things that add +55% fire damage and HP.

Armor Augments, your resists should be pretty good unless you took BK rings in which case your probably going to need Poison resists and maybe some Stun resist if you didnt put a Cham in your head


Hydra - Atherfire or Korvaak if you choose that.
Fire-Lightning-Cold Masteries
Holy Shield -Inspiration
Energy Shield - Turtle Shell
Frozen Armor - Hydrian's Glare

1 Point or More:
Shield Charge (1pt)- Cleansing Waters
Charged Bolt (1pt) (Aetherfire if you drop tortoise for Korvaak)
Shiver Armor (1pt)
Chilling Armor (1+pt)
Warmth (1+pt)
Thunder Storm (1+pt) - Elemental Seeker (I had this so it went off every 2 sec so there was always 3 seekers)

Extra Information

I played on HC and was just aiming to hit 100... this build with all of the Auras does awesome with that goal if you mindless farm bloody foot hills and Cows.

I went to fight the Hidden Ubers and was murdering them all with only seeing my health blip down MAYBE 1/2 way but with all of the Hydras and Auras that was healed back instantly. I am positive it could take all of the regular and Trist Ubers as well... I just didn't know Deathclaw was bugged :sweat_smile:

Tortoise, Lion, Panther, Eel, Imp, Spider, Raven, Hawk, Owl, Quill, Scholar's Light, Rhowan's Crown, Hyrian Guardian of the Celestial Gates, Bard's Harp and Ulo the Keeper of the Waters.

If you aren't playing HC, you might not need Tortoise, it is just my go to when leveling in HC.

1pt into Magi
1pt into Korvaak, the Eldrich Sun or if you drop Tortoise then take the entire thing and attach to Hydra to help debuff
2pts into Light of Empyrion
3pts into toad
4Pts into Alladrah's Phoenix
5pts into Blind Sage (don't take the Cold/Light damage ones)

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

I leveled as a Sorc with Charged Bolt until I unlocked Chain Lightning, leveled with that till I was able to unlock Hydra and get it to level 5 and 1pt into Energy shield/warmth/Frozen Armor/Thunder storm. At this point I started getting the Paladin levels, when I unlocked Holy Fire I used that with Hydra but kept pushing to get 1 point into Conviction ASAP at which point I dropped holy Fire. Also picked up Holy Shield (I forgot about shield charge but this could help the leveling process maybe?). From there i maxed out Enchant & Hydra at the same time, then went Fire Mastery & Holy Shield, then lightning & cold Mastery, then Conviction. Then your dump skills and your are done!

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