Ice Maiden

Rot Version:
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Lion, Quill, Raven, Scholar's Light, Harpy, Hawk, Owl, Panther, Eel, Jackal
Murmur, Mistress of Rumors, Rhowan's Crown, Kraken, Amatok, Spirit of Winter
Blind Sage, Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun, Leviathan, Yugol, the Insatiable Night, Ultos, Shepard of Storms

Weapon: Ice Rw xbow
Helm: Mythical M'avina's True Sight
Body: Mythical M'avina's Embrace
Leggins: Mythical M'avina's Leggins
Gloves: Mythical M'avina's Icy Clutch
Boots: Mythical M'avina's Greaves
Belt: Mythical M'avina's Tenet
Shoulders: Rare MI with life/resists
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope/Highlord's Wrath
Rings: Mythical Band of the Eternal Haunt+Ravenfrost
Medal: Mythical Mark of Divinity/Annihilus with +3 Cold Arrow/ Ama Torch
Relic: Yugol's Hunger/Titan's Trinket

Components / Augments

3 Guls.
3 Physical to Cold facets in rings and medal.
Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard/Bane of the Powerful to amulet (i choose first).
Mark of Mogdrogen in Boots.
Rest depends on your rare shoulders and other gear, just cap resist and fill rest slots with Enchanted Earth for more life.

Weapon: Potent Solael's Glare.
Jewelry: Ateph's Glare.
Fill rest with Solael's Bloodbinding.


Amazon tree:

Smax Cold Arrow/Ice Arrow/Freezing Arrow
Smax Penetrate, Critical Strike
Pierce - enough points until 50% chance
Dodge/Avoid/Evade/Retreat/Valkyrie - 1pt

Inquisitor tree:

Smax Ranged Expertise
Smax Aura of Censure
Smax Inquisitor' Seal+Arcane Empowerment
Smax Deadly Aim
1 pt to all WPS and Word of Pain+Dead Sentence to proc Elemental Storm
Rest points goes for World of Renewal and its modifiers.

Extra Information

30 sec Brutalus kill -

-Glass until endgame.
-Struggles on leveling untwinked until Ice or M'avina's set a bit due to low aoe.
-Mana hungry. You will be known as Sir Mana Chug-a-lot.

-Over 1.2 mln damage per Ice Arrow, high AR (5300 without Deadly Aim)
-Fairly tanky in BIS gear, 4900 def with Shout merc, over 15k life, leech, 73/96 avoidance, 32 phys resist.
-All content viable fast enough.

Build is glass cannon during the most of game until you get 5/6 Mythic M'avina's part so prepare to kiting and some death's.
Even after getting BIS gear try to dont tank Ubers and Uber Tristram, dodge their abilities. My hp regen now is 8300, Dodge is 73%, Deflect is 86% but it doesnt help much because you have low hp pool overall and low physical resist. Actually, drop seal, stay on it 5 sec dealing damage, then kite, drop seal and repeat. Heal party with Word of Renewal if needs.

Your resist reduction: -35% Cold from Aura of Censure, -23% Cold from Rumor proc, -10% Cold from Haunt ring's proc, -32 Cold from Elemental Storm proc, ~24% of Type C from Ice rw, Total = -24% cold resistance versus target with 100% Cold resistance f.e.


From Yugol and Ultos you take only first star.
Corvaak: take all except proc.
Levi: take all except proc and frostburn dmg.
Blind Sage: take first 3 stars+cold one.

Rumor proc goes to Cold Arrow. Elemental Storm to Word of Pain.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Build struggles leveling on normal so prepare to this. Max Cold+Ice Arrow, max Penetrate, Critical Strike, put 10 pts to Pierce, then go for Inquis and rush to Aura of Censure (max it) putting 1 pt to wps', heal and Word of Pain. Then max Ranged Expertise and Seal+its modifier, rush to Freezing Arrow, max it, put 1 pt to Valk, return to Inquis and max Deadly Aim+Word of Renewal and its modifiers. 1 pt to Retreat, Dodge, Avoid, Evade in endgame. That's how i did it, feel free to do it your way :P

Try to find bows/xbows with high phys/cold damage, just keep in mind inquis wps' dont work with bows. Anything that buffs level of Cold Arrow is good for you because it gives flat cold damage before all.
In devotions rush to Kraken, then Murmur and Levi.

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