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Rot Version:
Boss Killing
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Eel, Ghoul, Toad, Imp, Empty Throne, Lion, Jackal
Revenant, Widow, Chariot of the Dead, Solemn Watcher, Alladrah's Phoenix
Spear of the Heavens, Aeon's Hourglass

-Chaos, Famine, Grief, maybe Silence, any will do.
-Chains of Honor
-Andariels Visage, Harlequin Crest or Dream helm
- Gore Riders boots
- Mara's or Highlords amulet

I just slapped on some gear with magic damage for other pieces. Did my testing with:
- Really Great Pants (cant resist a pants with this name).
- Mythical Band of the Eternal Haunt ring
- Mythical Albrechts Duality ring
- Darkblaze Ammo Belt (just for some crit, hp, AR and resists). Mythical Soulbinder Belt or Panthom-Thread Girlde would be better (I didnt have either)

Titan's trinket with concentration of course is best. For SR/cows farming consider the amazon trinket+L.fury proc for the juicy AoE benefit.

Components / Augments

In case of Famine: Elemental to Magic conversion Facets. 2x gul, 2x pul

You dont have to worry about physical conversion to magic, Berserk does it for you.

The augment with flat magic damage on both weapons and rings.

Whatever resists need maxing, use those armor augments.


To max:
- Berserk
- Shout
- Berserker Rage
- Spectral Binding & Wrath
- Ill Omen (Revenant)
- Mark of Torment
- Necrotic Edge (Imp)
- Reaping Strike (Phoenix)
- Siphon Souls (+aether modifier) (Arcane Bomb)
- Increased Speed

Spend your remaing points among Battle Orders, Iron Skin, Natural Resists, Dagger/Mace mastery. I've also done just 1 point in battle command.
I've put 5 points in Frenzy.

Extra Information

I've put only 5 points in frenzy, did not want to make this 'yet another frenzy build'. Just keep the 3 stacks of frenzy up to give your berserk a bit of an attack speed and AR boost.
The Aeons Hourglass is taken (i've put it to frenzy) to reset the Mark of Torment skill as fast as possible.
On Ubers (especially mephisto), use Ill Omen to scary away the adds and make the fight a bit easier.

I think Andariels Visage is a better helmet, or Harlequin crest. All I had in my stash was a Dream helm, but it still seemed to work just fine.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

You're a barb. Punch things in the face.

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