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Tortise, Toad, Panther, Owl, Vulture, Jackal, Lotus, Wraith
Chariot of the Dead, Alladrah's Phoenix, Autumn Boar, Huntress
Ulzuin's Torch, Attack Seru, the Mirage, Blind Sage

Helm: Andariel's Visage, best in slot no doubt about it. A harlequin's crest can go here until you find one.

Amulet: Mara's kaleidoscope, all skills and res. Very nice. Telling of beads is a common set amulet I've found that did the job nicely until end game.

Rings: Bul-kathos, thief's signet. Stone of jordanx2 until you find these will carry you.
Weapon: Heart of the oak, +3 all skills cant be beaten. Spirit sword before you can afford a Hoto.

Shield: Spirit, just like the weapon. +2 all skills.

Armor: Chains of honor. Currently BiS for all classes. Might change on a future update. Low level id go for stealth or spirit shroud.

Boots: Gore Rider, again BiS for most classes. Low level i'd look for something with move speed, resists.

Belt: Mythical Chains of anguish/Arachnid mesh. If you don't like the anguish debuff then go arachnid mesh. :)

Gloves/Shoulders/pants: Any rares with AR/life/life%/res.

Trinket:Conc titan's trinket/sorc hellfire torch. Good luck finding a hydra one.

Components / Augments

Weapon/armor/shield/helm: Gul rune. The AR% bonus you get from these is unreal and pretty much required to full max out DPS.

Ammy/rings/medal: Lightning to fire Rainbow facets.

Pants/shoulders/gloves/boots:Ancient armor plate/Bladed plating, mostly for strength to meet gear requirements.


Skills to max:
Energy shield
All masteries
warmth (If needed)

One point wonders:

Frozen armor tree
Telekinesis/teleport, to get to ES.
Thunderstorm (Small free damage/procs)

Arcane will
Mental Alacrity
Fabric of reality

Until they reach 22 with +skills:
Iskandra's EE tree
Maiven's tree
Reckless power
Inner focus

At level 100 you'll have some points to play with, might want to dump into frozen armor tree.

Extra Information

For stats go full dex with some strength, enough to meet gear requirements with the few components on your pants/shoulders/gloves/boots.

For devotions, go full tree for all of them EXCEPT:
Magi or Ulzuin's torch: You can experiment which of the procs work better for you, so far I've found fissure from magi way more useful but up to you.
Huntress: First 3/4 just for the AR.
Mogdrogen the wolf: Just the first one for a huge 35 AR.
Autumn boar: First three for a massive boost to strength.
Blind sage: Didn't grab the proc or cold/lightning nodes.
Attak seru: Didn't grab the proc, useless imo.

When leveling I found harvestman's scythe to be very useful for raw stats and regen. Some of the devotions can be cheesed by doing some messing around with devotions instead of wasting points in others. Too much to explain but I am sure most of you have done this.

This build can do hidden ubers/ubers with no real issue. Health may be low but if you can kite and aren't asleep while playing then teleport around, lay down hydras and you are golden. This build will be updated for next patch when hydras are more balanced. Until then, enjoy. :)

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Extremely simple leveling. Rushing chain lightning then hydra. Chain lightning is great until you can unlock hydra for packs and shouldn't be too bad for bossing. Many people prefer to use fireball but I think chain lightning is far superior. Once you get hydra its game over for anything in your way.

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