Holy Fire Zakarumite

Rot Version:
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Imp, Tortise, Lion, Jackal, Vulture, Spider, Eel, Panther, Owl, Toad, Scholar's Light
Chariot of the Dead, Hyrian, Guardian of the Celestial Gates, Alladrah's Phoenix, Rhowan's Crown, Ulo, the Keeper of the Water, Magi
Ulzuin's Torch, Blind Sage

Weapon: Grief (Axe)
Shield: Dragon
Helm: Dream -> Andariel's Visage
Chest: Fortitude -> Tyrael's Might (if lucky)
Shoulders: Mythical Natalya's Mantle
Pants: Mythical M'avina's Leggings
Gloves: Mythical Immortal King's Forge
Boots: Mythical Immortal King's Pillar
Belt: Cinderplate Girdle
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope (Mythical Heart of Ulzin is also an option)
Rings: Any rings with fire damage and resistances. MIs with good rolls probably BiS. BK ring or two also viable with Paladin's Annihilus equipped.
Medal: Mythical Korvaak's Brand -> Paladin's Annihilus with Zeal or Holy Shield
Relic: Paladin's Trinket with Conviction

Components / Augments


Weapon/Shield/Helm/Chest - 2x Gul, 1x Mal, 1x Cham

Shoulders/Gloves/Pants - Mutated Scales

Boots/Belt - Spellscorched Plating or Enchanted Earth

Amulet/Rings/Medal - 4x Physical to Fire Rainbow Facets


- Dreeg's Foresight in weapon/shield.
- Dreeg's Veilward until overcap Magic Resistance (if required), remainder Solael's Bloodbinding or Wendigo Lifescent Powder
- Act 3 fire mercenary or Act 5 offensive mercenary. A3 merc tends to have better up time.



Zeal - Max
Holy Shield - Max
Conviction - Max
Charge - 1 point


Righteous Fervor - Max
Consecration - Max
Retribution - Max
Summon Guardian of Empyrion - 1 point (can add to this when others are completed)
Celestial Presence - Max
Presence of Virtue - Max
Haven - Max
Rebuke - Max
Ascension - Max
Clarity of Purpose - Max
Safeguard - Max
Smite - Max
Shattering Smash - Max
Resilience - Remaining points to Max

Extra Information

Stats: Put enough into Strength to wear your gear, I put extra in to boost my health and defense a bit more for survivability as you are face tanking here. Put the rest into Desterity, no points into Intelligence.

Devotions: These are pretty flexible and can change whether you want to go more glass cannon (risky in melee and you need to pay attention, but increases kill speed) or more defensive. Key ones are generally attack rating and fire/elemental damage. Current setup has 4 points in Blind Sage, 4 points in Alladrah's Phoenix, 1 point in Hyrian, 4 points in Ulzuin's Torch, 5 points in Chariot of the Dead, and 2 points in Ulo. Rest listed in this guide are maxed for the affinities. Solael's Witchblade for the Eldritch Fire proc is another option I have used before.

2x Conviction and Guardian of Empyrion provides -118% fire resistance reduction. Can push this to -138% with Eldritch Fire at the cost of other areas.

The key to dealing damage is to keep 3 Zeal and 8 Righteous Fervor charges up at all times. Having Righteous Fervor up almost doubles the damage output from Zeal as both are default attack replacers. As default attack replacers are very low mana cost, you can more or less push through any mana burn with some DPS loss, but not a total drop. Cast Ascension as often as you can. Charge is strictly used for a gap closer. Dragon runeword will allow you to have Holy Fire aura and will proc Hydra's on every attack. Holy Fire and Blazing Aura from A3 merc will clear most trash mobs just walking around. Merc, Guardians, and Hydra proc can deal 1-1.5m DPS alone on top of your weapon damage.

Can facetank any Uber, but obviously don't stand in their debuffs or high damage casts. Move around them and reposition yourself to maximize your output. Pull them out of their debuffs if they drop them on the ground, and if you see them about to cast something nasty move. Uber Mephisto tends to be the most difficult and slowest of the final in my experience with this build, as you have to spend some time killing his debuff minions and he has some nasty debuffs himself.

Kill speed on Brutalus is about 50-60 seconds. A bit longer for Uber Baal and Uber Diablo due to the higher heath, with Uber Mephisto taking the longest. For high shard Shattered Realm you want to be always leeching. Use charge as much as possible to cut down on run time and keep using Zeal to leech, you leech a crazy amount (i.e. hundreds of thousands of health on average against bosses).

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Not an ideal starter build unless you are an experienced Grim Dawn player and are open to the challenge of gearing it. Start with Paladin, get Zeal as soon as possible and level it up. Put 1 point in Charge to use for gap closing. Use Might early on for the buff and get Holy Shield as soon as possible. I would max the Paladin mastery first before putting many points in Oathkeeper, with Safeguard and Presence of Virtue being the top priority in Oathkeeper when leveling. Paladin is very slow to level until the 30s-40s, really picks up after that.

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