Holy Bag of Heavens

Rot Version:
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Imp, Raven, Sailor's Guide, Tortise, Panther, Lotus, Vulture
Widow, Staff of Rattosh, Solemn Watcher, Ulo, the Keeper of the Water, Behemoth
Obelisk of Menhir, Tree of Life, Spear of the Heavens, Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun, Rattosh, the Vielwarden

Weapon: Mythical Griswold's Redemption
Helm: Mythical Griswold's Valor
Shield: Mythical Griswold's Honor
Body: Mythical Griswold's Heart
Leggins: Mythical Griswold's Legacy Legplates
Shoulders: Mythical Griswold's Pauldrons
Gloves: Soul Drainer
Boots: Gore Riders
Belt: Verdungo's Hearty Cord 12 phys res
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope
Rings: SoJ/BK+Nature Peace w/ good phys res
Medal: Mythical Mark of Divinity
Relic: Serenity/Pala Trinket with Conviction

Components / Augments

2 Guls.
3 Physical to Magic facets in rings and medal.
Bane of the Stricken to amulet.
Mark of Mogdrogen in Boots.
Ugdenbog Leather in Leggins.
Spellscorched Plating in Belt.
Restless Remains in gloves.
Sacred Plating in SHoulders.
Perfect Opal in Shield.
Lo/Zod in Body because you can.


Weapon+Shield: Bysmiel's Shroud.
Jewelry: Arcane Heart Powder.
Fill rest with Solael's Bloodbinding.


Paladin tree:

Smax Blessed Hammer, FoH, Holy Shield, Conviction.

Arcanist tree:

Smax Maiven's Sphere+modifier.
Smax Iskandra's Elemental Exchange with modifiers.
Smax Inner Focus, Mirror, Nullification, Mental Alacrity, Fabric of Reality. Rest goes into Arcane Will and stats until 50/50.

Stats: 50/50 - Str/Dex

Extra Information

19 sec Brutalus kill - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxY6f9NZK_Q

-Slow boss killer without set. (see gear dependant)
-Not the fastest at leveling untwinked. (not really a con tho)
-Not the highest life possible char for HC (but you dont need it kappa)

-Very fat bag! Over 5300 armor, 71 phys resists, 5700+ def, leech, 100% block, high resists.
-Very high single target with set and good clearspeed with blessed hammer aswell.
-5% leech is enough due to Pala trinket and i'm pretty sure you can play without leech if you change leg comp for hp regen one.
-You can use 1-2 Guls and be viable.
-Beautiful Holy Blessed Knight with a lot of intellect!

While i level this build untwinked i cant really recommend it as good starter, FoH is still slow without set due to 1 sec cd so be prepared to this. But it's definitely fat and viable for HC, just dont expect to be fast before getting set.
You can put some points into int at start for extra mana/mana regen, respec them later.


Korvaak: take all except proc.
Spear of Heavens: take all except proc.
Rattosh: take except proc.
Obelisk: take all except proc and retaliate damage.
Behemoth: take proc and armor+life star.
Ulo: take first 2 stars.
Rest point goes into %health anywhere.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Leveling on HC is pretty straightforward, rush to Holy Shield and FoH, max it, then rush to Conviction and max it+Hammer. Then take Arcanist, max Inner Focus+Iskandra's EE and rush to Maiven's Sphere, max it, then rush to last passives.
Try keeping resists maxed, take Tortoise and Widow in devo's and rush all other defensive one's, then offensive ones. 2x Spirit rw and it's fine. Seraph's amulet, some pally sceptres also work for leveling. Take act4 defensive merc and use until heavy endgame, then change for BO one. Try keeping your armor high as much as possible. If you havent Griswold's shield Exile rw is good option. Search for decent roll of Verdungo's belt on nm/sr. You can start clearing all content having only set equipped actually, no need facets, gores, leg components etc. Seems like you cant purge Meph's Conviction in Uber Tristram so prepare to overcap resists or dont bother like me and kill him from range, he cant really do anything vs FoH. Other bosses dont deal damage to you.

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