Dual Wield Elementalist

Rot Version:
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Quill, Scholar's Light, Empty Throne, Owl, Spider, Jackal, Eel, Tortise
Solael's Witchblade, Solemn Watcher, Hyrian, Guardian of the Celestial Gates, Behemoth, Bard's Harp, Rhowan's Crown
Ultos, Shepard of Storms, Attack Seru, the Mirage, Leviathan

There are several good options available:
Budget weapons: Voice of Reason or Lawbringer runewords. Other good options are Dangoons Teaching.
More endgame weapons, use one of the following: Famine, Azurewrath, Doom

You need something to dual wield. This can be either any of the blademaster relics, one of the 2 medals, or a belt. Anything works really. Best-in-Slot is Korvaak's medal, so you keep the slot open for Sorc/Pala Torch. If you use the relics to dual wield, use Annihilus.

Chains of Honor armor, Andariels Visage Helm, Pants are mainly for defensives and AR. Arach belt or Chains of Anquish. Gore rider Boots, Laying of Hands gloves.
Sorc Torch, Annihilus and Highlords, 2x BulKathos.

Components / Augments

4x Gul to boost attack rating, or 3x and pul if u have enough (mainly for zeal-users).

Facets on whatever needs to be converted to elemental damage (physical most likely).

Rest of the slots for whatever stat you need most, resists, armor or defense.

Depending on what you need, pick your merc. I always stuck to my trusty Fury Barb from act5 to give me Battle Order (25% more life and mana). Blessed aim merc or any of the act4 merc's are good as well.

Act1 merc is kinda bad for damage, but does give some AR boost and is less likely to die.


Vengeance or zeal for single target, I use only vengeance. 1 point in Frozen Orb is enough for all AoE clearing.
Max Conviction, Enchant and all 3 sorc masteries.

All the left-over points can be spend wherever you want. I spend 1 in teleport, 1 in thunder storm, 1 in blizzard and 1 in hydra to proc devotions.
The remainder I put in the frozen and energy shields, and warmth to keep up with the mana loss from energy shield.

Extra Information

I spend about 75% of stat points in strength, 15% in dexterity, and 10% in intelligence, for no particular min-max reason.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

I leveled as smiter till about lvl30, was lucky enough to find Sigon's chest plate. Stack up in skulls on ur gear and smite will do a lot of dmg coming from the retaliation. As around lvl30-35 I did not find any new retaliation items, I switched to zeal. Used Holy Fire aura while leveling. Can do this until lvl50 or so, then as you have several points in all masteries from sorc, swap holy fire for conviction.
I only started using vengeance for ubers, since it's a 1-target attack. Zeal is nicer while doing SR and killing in general.

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