Demonologist or, how to never feel alone

Rot Version:
Classic Necromancer
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Lion, Shepard's Crook, Raven, Hound, Panther, Eel, Lizard, Jackal, Hawk, Toad, Empty Throne
Ulo, the Keeper of the Water, Rhowan's Crown, Bard's Harp, Huntress
Mogdrogen the Wolf, Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun, Ishtak, the Spring Maiden

-Weapon: Crescent Moon Runeword, Matriarch or Heart of the Oak, or some necromancer wand. (Grim's Burning Dead)
-Spirit Shield
-Chains of honor (or Bone) armor
-Harlequin Crest Helm
-Mara's Amulet
-2x Stone of Jordan/Bul-kathos ring, or some good GD pet booster.
-Myth. Fiendflesh Greaves
- Arach's Belt
- Myth Bone Scavengers gloves
- Titan's trinket relic with concentration
- Annihilus or GD pet medal
- Shoulders and Pants: anything with a good pet bonus

Components / Augments

4x Zod (hey, nobody ever said this build was gonna be cheap?!). If you dont have Zods, just apply the highest one you are willing to spare for the pet boost.
I'm using 2 XXX to physical facets (make sure the XXX is soemthing useless your pets dont use, like magic or chaos). The facets give a 20% physical resist boost to your pets. Also, I went for 2x physical to vitality facets (combined with the gloves its 100% physical conversion for pets), simply because devouring swarm is a good resist reduction spell for both bleed and vitality (devotions give quite nice bleed dmg).

act 4 offensive merc.


You're a summoner so.... max your pets. Skeleton, skeleton mage, briarthorn+modifiers first, keep golem at 1 point with any of the golem modifiers (fire golem), go for revived when you maxed the other pets and pet buffs.

Wendigo Totem + modifier, Primal bonds, Conure Primal Spirit, Wind Devil + Modifiers, Grasping Vine+Modifier, Devouring Swarm, Mogdrogens Pact are all (almost) 1-point wonders. Finalized gear will make it that just 1 point will already put it at 20/10, max whatever still needs maxing.
Also the curses of the necro are just 1 point-wonders, spend a couple of points in Resist all for your pets, doesn't need maxing.

You can put 1 point in bone spear if you want to shoot something, more once you're lvl95+ (and new patch is here).

Extra Information

Wendigo Totem+modifier will keep all your pets alive. Early levels, Toad devotion will also give your pets some life leech.

Apply some curses, place your totem and grasping vines and just watch how your pets kill everything, including all ubers (except for Deathclaw).

Note: tab2 will only show bonuses that 'apply to all pets', the necromancers bonuses are listed as 'applying to monsters and skeletons' or something like it, so they wont show up on the tab2, but they DO apply to all non-necromancer pets, like your druid/shaman/occultist pets.

I used crescent moon for everything except for UberMephisto, then I needed to switch to Matriarch for the resists aura.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

skeletons and mages will clear the way, doesnt need much more, find some way to balance skeleton and golem mastery with the skeletons/mages.
In shaman, just put 1 point in the things you need, and then move the mastery up to the wendigo totem. once u have that pets wont really anymore.

Or just level with teeth blasting your way through till you are lvl40/60 or something and then go for pets.

Crescent moon is amazing for leveling (and end-game) as it gives you 4 more pets which do quite well.

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