Cleric of The Stars

Rot Version:
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Sailor's Guide, Eel, Lion, Wraith, Empty Throne, Owl, Imp, Scarab, Jackal, Ghoul, Scholar's Light, Quill, Toad
Widow, Behemoth, Shieldmaiden
Attack Seru, the Mirage, Spear of the Heavens

- Full Mythical Griswold's Legacy (What enables the build, in all honesty)
- Gloves: Mythical Soul's Touch (Because Magic Damage)
- Boots: Imp Shanks (+1 to All Skills)
- Belt: Siggard's Stealth (+1 to All Skills, Mana Leech, Physical Resistance...)
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope (+1 to All Skills, excellent Resistances)
Medal: Annihilus (Paladin, Druid or simple)
Ring: Nature Peace x 2 (Due to Mana Infusion and the bonuses to Oak Sage)
Relic: Titan's Trinket (+2 to All Skills, and Concentration is pretty cool)

Components / Augments

- Zod Rune x 3 (Helm, Weapon, Chest) Because +1 to All Skills.
- Invigorating Gemstone (Getting rid of Stun, Sleep, Freeze and Trap and resist Slow? Yes please!)
- Rainbow Facet x 3 (Elemental -> Magical Damage, to get Hurricane to add to the luminous onslaught of the Paladin skills)
- Mark of Mogdogren (+ Movement Speed)
- Enchanted Earth x 4 (There's never enough HP)

- Malmouth Redemption x 2 (Because Magic Damage)
- Forgefire x 3 (Same as before)
- Wendigo's Lifescent x 7 (More HP)
- Desert Mercenary: Prayer (Hey, more Mana Regen!)


Paladin's Max Out:
- Holy Bolt (Decent attack, and great against undead. Part of the set's benefitted skills)
- Fist Of The Heavens (Hits like a truck and hits behind walls. Part of the set's benefitted skills)
- Blessed Hammer (Hits literally everywhere. Part of the set's benefitted skills)
- Conviction, to break (mainly) Magic Resistance and (secondary) Elemental Resistance.
- Holy Shield (Because of the shield)

Druid Max Out:
- Oak Sage, with the Heart Of The Wolverine modifier (+HP,+Damage, invulnerable, even a small attack? A no-brainer)
- Hurricane (More DPS is always good, and this baby has an impressive AoE. It even hits behind walls!)

One Point Wonders:
- Charge (Not for attacking but as a mobility skill)

- Prayer, with its modifiers (I like healing powers. Can you blame me? Also, if maxed out, great to counter Mana Burn users)
- Spirit of Barbs modifier (Retaliation hurts no one. Except your foes)

Extra Information

After long and hard experimentation with GDStash and the Mythical sets, I came out with this Cleric build. It's a Magic damage medium to short range caster build with great emphasis on HP and defense (Shield block, maxed out Resistances, status protections...). As such, while it can facetank all World Bosses it's not really reccomended to get it to facetank Ubers, both Hidden and the others, being better to kite around to avoid their brutal attacks and especially Mana Burn. This build has some defense against it, by the way.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

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