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Lion, Imp, Viper, Eel, Panther, Hawk, Vulture, Scholar's Light
Widow, Shieldmaiden, Scales of Ulcama
Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun, Ishtak, the Spring Maiden, Spear of the Heavens, Obelisk of Menhir, Rattosh, the Vielwarden, Tree of Life

Mythical Griswold's legacy. Neck: seraph's hymn
Rings: Nature's peace/prison of souls(can be some other ring as long as you get some ar and dmg)
trinket: celestial de seis's soulstone( pick one with magic damage and -to magic dmg convert. )
Belt: rare affixes belt from eldricht in frigid highlands. i rolled one with +2 paladin skills.
gloves: rare leviatans from swampy pit or mythical souls touch.
Boots: mythical immortal kings with max ar roll.
Relic: titan's trinket or hellfire torch.
As long as you get full Griswold's set, other gear you can build around it as you like.

Components / Augments

3x zod+ mal. head/wep/shield and chest, phys to magic convert facets to rings and medal. and legacy of dreams for amulet. (makes little diffrence can be phys to magic facets x4)
Zod runes you can replace with what you like i just happened to have them.


In combat skills:
fist of heavens, sanctuary, nullification, salvation. charge(for movement)
keep sanctuary/salvation up.
holy shield, iskandra's elemental ex, maiden's sphere of prot, conviction

Extra Information

Mythical griswold's set makes the build possible. Other gear around it you can pick to your liking really. Physical to magic facets are a must. So try to get them early as possible. (images has talentrees)
devotions: tree of life only 4 points to unlock, korvaak the eldric sun all but the skill, spear of heavens all but the skill, rattosh only 4 points for magic dmg, widow arcane bomb not bind to anything, conviction wont stack with it.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

you can pick up your leveling style as you want until you manage to get mythical griswold's. I used blessed hammer. Also pick some of the arcanist buffs like inner focus. they help alot while leveling. use one mal rune and maybe 2 guls while leveling to kill bosses in decent time. Use act 4 defensive merch until you get resistances high enough then the offensive. Switch to fist of heavens when you get full set.

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