Bonespear Soulbinder

Rot Version:
Boss Killing
Classic Necromancer
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Eel, Sailor's Guide, Imp, Raven, Crane, Lion, Vulture, Hawk
Ulo, the Keeper of the Water, Staff of Rattosh, Widow
Spear of the Heavens, Rattosh, the Vielwarden, Tree of Life, Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun, Ishtak, the Spring Maiden, Light of Empyrion

Weapons: Boneshade / Darkforce Spawn
Helm: Royal Pale Boney Gaze
Chest: Royal Bone Knight's Cuirass
Shoulders: Royal Bone Knight's Spaulders
Pants: Mythical Trang'oul's Legguards
Gloves: Mythical Trang'oul's Claws
Boots: Royal Bone Knight's Greaves
Belt: Mythical Trang'oul's Girth
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope // Seraph's Hymn
Rings: Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band // Thief's Signet // Any other rings with +1 to all skills
Medal: Necromancer's Annihilus (+3 to Bone Spear)
Relic: Titan's Trinket

Gearing is not very flexible, I tried mixing and matching multiple other pieces but until the Trang'oul cast speed bug is fixed, there are no substitutes for the set pieces.

Components / Augments

Weapons: Gul Rune // Bysmiel's Shroud
Helm: Gul Rune // Dreeg's Fiendblood
Chest: Gul Rune // Dreeg's Fiendblood
Shoulders: Living Armor // Dreeg's Fiendblood
Pants: Spellscorched Plating // Dreeg's Fiendblood
Gloves: Restless Remains // Solael's Voidward
Boots: Mark of Mogdrogen // Solael's Voidward
Belt: Bladed Plating // Dreeg's Fiendblood
Amulet: Legacy of Dreams // Survivor's Ingenuity
Rings: Chaos -> Magic Facet // Survivor's Ingenuity
Medal: Pierce -> Magic Facet

You get ~50% Chaos to Magic conversion on gear, so you only need 2 Chaost to Magic facets, the third should be Pierce to Magic.


Maxed Skills in no particular order

C. Necro:
Lower Resist
Bone Spear
Bone Armor

Inner Focus
Arcane Will
Fabric Alacrity
Reckless Power
Maiven's Sphere of Protection
Elemental Balance

One-point skills:

C. Necro:
Clay Golem
Golem's Vigor
Blood Golem
Golem's Flesh
Golem's Flame
Golem Mastery
Summon Resist
Skeleton Mastery

Iskandra's Elemental Exchange

Notes: Skeleton and Skeleton Mage skills should be bumped to ~20 points after bonuses, mainly to get 6 of each. Amplify Damage I only bump until -100% physical resist reduction just to help the army of pets do a little more damage, there are points to spare after all.

Extra Information

This build is my personal variation of Cuddles' Bone Spear Death warder build (!) )
It plays very similarly but sacrifices a little survivability for a lot more damage, and plays without the need to keep the Barb Berserk skill active, meaning you don't have to stay in melee range.
It doesn't zip through high SR, but absolutely murders bosses due hitting with 6 spears per cast if you position well, which is why the build is labeled a Boss Killer build.
The pets are a big enough meat shield that you generally never facetank anything as when you get aggro - bosses struggle to even get to you before they die, similarly to tower defense games.

I haven't died yet, but I wouldn't play this on HC as it's built a little more glass-cannon'y than Cuddles' setup.

Incomplete Constellations:
Spear of the heavens - everything but the final point.
Rattosh, The Veilwarden - only the first 2 points

Devotion skill assignments;
Aetherfire - Herald of Doom
Arcane Bomb - Amplify Damage
Cleansing Waters - Madness
Nature's Guardians - Reckless Power
Healing Rain - Maiven's Sphere of Protection
Eye of Korvaak - Bone Spear

For Attributes I go with the minimum required strength (829 on shoulders, 746 with 10% reduction) and throw the rest in Intellect for the huge spell damage bonus.

Extra Extra Information; The cast speed set bonus on Trang'oul's is currently bugged and gives more cast speed than it's supposed to - if you're playing on a newer version of the mod it's most likely been fixed and you need to look into cast speed options on rings - Nature's Peace is a good candidate. Chances are it won't be enough, so I'll most likely do a rework when the time comes.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

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