Bone Spear Death Warder (with pets!)

Rot Version:
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Imp, Vulture, Sailor's Guide, Lion, Eel, Crane, Hawk
Revenant, Widow, Staff of Rattosh, Ulo, the Keeper of the Water
Spear of the Heavens, Tree of Life, Ishtak, the Spring Maiden, Light of Empyrion, Obelisk of Menhir

Weapon: Boneshade* (level 65)
Offhand: Darkforce Spawn* (level 79)
*Lord Death's Tools set
Helm: Royal Bone set (level 87)
Chest: Royal Bone set (level 89)
Shoulders: Royal Bone set (level 85)
Boots: Royal Bone set (level 90)
Pants: Mythical Trang Oul's set
Gloves: Mythical Trang Oul's set
Belt: Mythical Trang Oul's set
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope
Rings: Buk-Kathos
Medal: Annihilus
Relic: Titan's Trinket

Components / Augments

Components / Augments
Weapon: Gul Rune (or Pul for demons)/Ravager's Eye
Offhand: Gul Rune/Ravager's Eye
Helm: Gul/Dreeg's Fiendblood
Chest: Gul/Solael's Voidward
Shoulders: Living Armor/Dreeg's Fiendblood
Boots: Mark of Mogdrogen/Solael's Voidward
Pants: Spellscorched Plating/Solael's Voidward
Gloves: Spellscorched Plating/Solael's Voidward
Belt: Bladed Plating/Solael's Voidward
Amulet: Chaos->Magic Facet or unique component/Survivors Ingenuity
Rings: Chaos->Magic Facet/Survivors Ingenuity
Medal: Chaos->Magic Facet/Act 4 Merc (Agatha)


Update for 6.5.3. TLDR: the build still works great, enjoy it. The DPS of the build is lower now, but can still kill all bosses fast. The patch fixed the Trang Oul's cast speed bug (was giving too much). It does not matter. Build still works just as well with 300% cast speed as with 350%. If you want, shift some points into Increased Speed (I maxed it after patch). Pets got nerfed a bit and monsters got buffed. Pets still work fine, but just a bit slower leveling. Gear wise, I am looking at a couple of small improvements possibly. One would be swapping in a ring from the new Soulthief set for a BK ring. The other is swapping in the new MI DeSeis medal for the Annihilus. One last thing is now there are monsters with reflect damage. I may shift some devotion points into Reduced Reflected Damage, but I need to test how dangerous they are first (only the seal guardians in Chaos Sanctuary have it I think).. That's it, now go slap some monsters.


Classic Necro: Lower Resist, Bone Spear, Bone Armor
Barb: Berserk, Berserker's Rage, Scepter Mastery, Shout, Battle Command (until you get +3 skill points), Increased Stamina (to max Stun resist)

One Point Wonders:

Classic Necro: Amplify Damage, Weaken, Decrepify, Skeletons, Mages, Skeleton Mastery, Clay Golem, Golems Vigor, Golems Flesh, Golems Flame, Blood Golem, Golem Mastery, Summon Resist
Barb: Battle Orders, Iron Skin, Natural Resistance, Increased Speed

Extra Information

Note: This guide is for a Classic Necromancer, not a GD Necromancer.

The Bone Spear Death Warder is a classic necromancer at heart. You have an undead army at your command, but the focus of the build is on your Bone Spear attack. At end game, the build weaves together three different sets to create a powerful and fun playstyle.

Devotions: Only put 4 points into Obelisk of Menhir to get the 30% reduced stun. You will have 1 point leftover to use whereever.
Devotion Attachments:
Raise the Dead->Bone Spear; Arcane Bomb->Amplify Damage; Aetherfire->Herald of Doom; the rest go on buffs.

Early and mid game will probably be more pet focused, until you get the Lord Deaths set, at which point your Bone Spears become very powerful. At end game, the pets only do a small fraction of your damage and they are mainly used as meat shields to help you survive. Keybinds on my bar are as follows:
1. Bone Armor - keep this up at all times as it gives you huge tankiness and damage.
2. Amplify Damage - Cast on any Boss or enemies you can't one shot kill.
3. Herald of Doom - keep this up for boss fights
Rest of the bar is filled with pets. They are very tanky, and you should not need to summon them often. Two skills that I am not using due to laziness are Call Upon The Undead, and Madness. Feel free to add them for more DPS if you wish.
Left click is Berserk, right click is Bone Spear. Hold down Bone Spear to attack, and left click every 2 seconds to get a big magic damage and attack boost.

Class options: If Barbarian is not your cup of tea, Arcanist makes a really good secondary class, or possibly GD necromancer as well. But that is beyond the scope of this guide.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

*Note: Guide is for CLASSIC NECRO, not GD Necro*

Your pets are pretty strong, so they should carry you early and mid game. The Lord Death's set is a pretty common drop in my experience, as well as the Royal Bone set, so that should be your next goal. World Bosses and Shattered Realm are a pretty good source of both. The Mythical Trang Oul's starts dropping from World Bosses and Ubers once your character reaches level 89. If you get multiple pieces of the same set item, you can transmute the ones you don't need (in town) to another piece from the same set, so it will make it easier to acquire what you are looking for.

Facets are components for your jewelry that start dropping in the Shattered Realm at higher levels. While any facet that converts to magic is fine, the preferred ones are Chaos to Magic, and Pierce to Magic (I believe Chaos to Magic is higher dps). Currently I use Chaos to Magic and it puts out good DPS. Enjoy!

--->This is the big warning buried at the end of the guide, if you don't read it, and you play hardcore...welcome to Act 6!<---
If you are using the recommended Royal Bone set shoulders, they have a chance to convert your enemies to your side. If you have Iron Maiden on, and you hit the converted enemy with an attack that can damage undead, you might kill yourself due to reflected damage. TLDR: Don't put points in Iron Maiden.

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