Bleedy Bow Bowazon

Rot Version:
Pack Clearing
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Bat, Fox, Facon, Eel, Empty Throne, Jackal, Lion, Stag, Toad, Nighttalon, Crane
Kraken, Revenant, Huntress
Unknown Soldier, Mogdrogen the Wolf, Rattosh, the Vielwarden

Any bow, ideally Brand, BoTD or Faith, depending if u just need damage or AR. Harmony is a good and cheap option that will give you a lot of movement speed. Lycanders Aim is also a pretty much option.

Duress armor is the biggest part of damage, make several to get a good roll (mine has 5815 bleeding damage).
Then just get high bleeding damage items. Giant Skull and Dracul's Gloves might be good alternatives to the standard harlequin crest/andariels visage/Crown of Ages with laying of hands. Crimson Claws are good bleed option for gloves.
Wildblood mantle+wildblood girdle.
Rest pick it as u get better.
Use a torch, titan trinket or Deathstalker relic.

Components / Augments

Runes on gear don't matter much as this does not need to be a min-maxed build for ubers. Gul is never a bad choice however.


Strafe, devouring swarm, grasping vines, wendigo totem+blood pact, primal bond.

Everything else is just passives (crit, dodge, bonus AR+pierce damage)

Extra Information

This build is good for farming, cows and SR. Not so much for ubers. That's why you don't need too much AR, or overcapped resists. Making it a bit more forgiving in what items and runes you use.
Vitality is picked mainly because of the huge RR and synergy wendigo totem has, so convert any leftover damage to vitality and its some bonus damage.
For ubers you need a lot, but then a lot, of patience, I do not recommend this build for trying ubers. Stick to farming.

The strafe damage breakdown screenshot is taken with 3 elemental to vitality rainbow facets, and 1 piercing to vitalty. This was because I used Harmony bow at first, so I used elemental to vitality facets. It would be better to convert the physical or piercing damage to vitality at this point, but i don't have those and this still works fine =)

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Strafe and harmony making leveling very easy, very high damage with high run speed, what's not to like. Until a harmony, just roll with whatever bow and fire and explosive arrow you have, or go melee with jab/power strike till you get a bow.

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