Bleedy Boi

Rot Version:
Boss Killing
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Assassin's Blade, Lion, Nighttalon, Panther, Raven, Stag, Fox, Owl, Empty Throne, Hawk
Berserker, Bard's Harp, Manticore, Huntress, Chariot of the Dead
Mogdrogen the Wolf, Unknown Soldier

Weapons: DW Fury rw.
Helm: Andariel's Visage -> Harlequin Crest when you have enough attack speed to cap without Andariel's.
Chest: Duress rw -> Chains of Honor rw.
Shoulders: Anything with AR/Health/Bleeding Damage/Resists -> Avenger's Pauldrons.
Pants: Anything with AR/Health/Bleeding Damage/Resists.
Gloves: (Empowered/Mythical) Brawler's Gloves -> Dracul's Grasp once your Zolhan's Technique has higher dmg or if you go Nightblade
Boots: Gore Riders.
Belt: Arachnid Mesh -> Mythical Chains of Anquish.
Amulet: Highlord's Wrath or Mara's Kaleidoscope.
Rings: Anything with AR/Health/Bleeding Damage/Resists or BK rings.
Medal: Anything with AR/Health/Bleeding Damage/Resists -> Barb Annihilus with +2/3 Frenzy.
Relic: Barb Torch/Trinket with +2/3 Frenzy or Titan's Trinket with Concentration/WW.

Components / Augments

Bleed damage/resist augments.

Weapons/Chest/helm Gul/Pul Runes:
You want to use Gul runes untill you have enough AR to crit ubers reliably (40%+ crit rate).
Pul Runes give damage to demons which means you do more damage to most ubers (mostly uber tristram).

Since there are no bleed facets we use ele to physical ones instead (pierce to physical facets dont work on armor piercing from weapons since its already converted damage so we cant use those).

Other items:
Just use components to cap resists or health if resists are fine already.


First off the pictures show how my skills are some skills you need to tinker around with depending on your gear, those skill windows are for my current gear so keep that in mind.

Axe Mastery
Berserker Rage
Markovian's Advantage
Zolhan's Technique
Fighting Spirit
Military Conditioning
Decorated Soldier
Field Command
Squad Tactics

# of points varies
Increased Stamina, Iron Skin,Battle Orders, Menhir's Will, - 1 Point
Battle Command - Enough to get +3 All Skills
Shout - Dump Rest
Scars of Battle - Enough to cap freeze/stun resistances(depends on gear alot)
Natural Resistance - Enough to over cap resistances for uber mephisto (if you are not doing uber tristram yet 1 point is enough)
Increased Speed - Enough to cap your attack speed

There is an alternate build i have been testing using Nightblade instead of Soldier if you want to use that instead it works just fine just use the skill setup from the screenshot. Gear and devotions stay the same.

Extra Information

Attributes: Enough str/int for gear rest dex.

Devotion info:

Yellow and Purple Crossroad
Assassin's Blade skip the defense node to the side.
Berserker take only right side.
Raven all but the 15 AR node.
Huntress all but the beastkin damage node.

Uber strats and stuff:
Most ubers are easy facetank and smash but uber tristram needs highly over capped elemental resistances(130% over cap) otherwise you will need to kite mephisto away to kill them easily.


Either Laws of Valor(Act 4 Offensive) or a defensive/utility merc if you want dmg isnt a problem late game.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Level with tremor/WW or whatever silly leveling tactic you can come up with :D

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