Basic Ele Trapsin

Rot Version:
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Scholar's Light, Quill, Owl, Eel, Wraith, Lotus
Widow, Rhowan's Crown, Solemn Watcher, Harvestman's Scythe, Bard's Harp, Magi
Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun, Attack Seru, the Mirage, Azrakaa, the Eternal Sands, Tree of Life, Obelisk of Menhir

Helm: Lore -> Shako
Chest: Stealth -> Treachery/Vipermagi/+skills -> Chains of Honor. Fort/Myth Nats/Tyraels/Arkaines some other options for specialized builds.
Weapon: anything -> Spirit -> Heart of the Oak
Shield: Splendor -> Spirit/Exile/Royal Bone Shield
Pants: anything with ele dmg/AR/phys res/defense (Myth Tal's, Myth Mavina's great)
Shoulders: Same as pants (Myth Tal's/Myth Nat's great)
Belt: level with crafted GD belt for %xp, %hp -> Arachnids/Myth Chains of Anguish. Myth class sets can also be used for set bonuses (Myth IK has max res here, great for tankiness with the 2 piece bonus).
Boots: Highest move speed -> Myth M'avinas/Gores/Myth IKs/Sandstorm/Shadow Dancer
Gloves: Same as pants/shoulders. Palashia's, Myth IKs, Myth Mavs some solid options.
Rings: BK + Thief's Signet. Raven + Dwarf an option if you want to buff up weapon damage as well.
Amulet: +skills. Mara's/Seraphs endgame.
Relic: Concentration Titan's Trinket (Pally conviction trinket is solid for sin/sorc). +2/3 Charged Bolt Sentry is best single target option
Medal: Annihilus (charged bolt sentry, conviction, holy shield, +sin/pally/sorc better options).

Components / Augments

Stats: 80/20 Str/Int. Need some int for mana regen, as neither sin nor pally gives much. Zeal + Cobra + Phoenix Strike gives like 1.2k AR before buffs, which should mean no points needed in dex.

Augments: 150hp/16def in armor if you have capped resist, use whatever resists you need to cap/overcap. For weapons/jewelry, go for % ele dmg, HP, AR, defense per personal preference.

Runes: As many Gul as needed for 4-4.5k AR, Pul/Cham/Zod for any leftover spots.

Jewelry components: phys to elemental facets in jewelry. Arcane Spark/Ectoplasm great while leveling. Legendary Components like Bane of the Powerful are better than a facet if you have one.

Other components: HP/resist everywhere. Make sure to pick up some armor absorption for >90% minimum, as you should have 4k+ armor. Mark of the Traveler/Mark of Mogdrogen in boots.


Charged Bolt Sentry - max
Lightning Sentry - max
Death Sentry - max
Shadow Master - max
Shadow Warrior - max
Claw Mastery - 0 or max, if you have a claw/dagger for it
Blade Fury/Blade Sentinel/Phoenix Strike - Pick one of these to max, Phoenix Strike is the best IMO unless you're using warshrike/myth nats.
Cobra Strike - 1 to max, gives AR and mana leech, spam it on minions in boss fights as they have no mana leech res, and it can completely negate ubers mana burn.
Cloak of Shadows - 1 to left over, removes def and provides fumble.
Wake of Inferno - leftover points, extra clear option with build in CB.
Dragon Flight - can put a point in for another movement skill, although Charge is better.
Conviction - max
Holy Shield - max
Charge - 1 point
Zeal - 1 or max - if you're using Phoenix Strike, you can tap Zeal every 4 seconds for a huge AS boost. Also gives AR like other charge skills.
Fist of Heavens - 0 or left over points - great way to proc CB

Extra Information

This is a Sin/Pally guide, just because I love conviction that much. Sorceress is just as good (if not better). For sorc, you can just dual wield, using something like wizardspike/spirit for Claw Mastery. Max Pathology, Lightning/Fire Mastery, Frozen Armor, Eshield, Hydra, and Fade/BoS for exclusive.

Stats: 80/20 Str/Int. Need some int for mana regen, as neither sin nor pally gives much. Zeal + Cobra + Phoenix Strike gives like 1.2k AR before buffs, which should mean no points needed in dex. You can use as much int as you want/need for mana regen, although I'd primarily put points in str, given neither class has much of a HP buff.

Devotions are 5 points in Attak Seru, 4 in Azrakaa, 3 in Obelisk, everything else maxed. You can move points around in t3 devotions a bit (e.g. 5 in Obelisk for stun/freeze). Instead of Wraith/Lotus, you can use Panther + Toad instead for more damage at the cost of mana regen and defense. 2 points in Light of Empyrion can be useful too for defense/dmg to demons.

Gearing: 2 piece Myth Tals gives a bunch of mana regen which is really useful. 3 piece Royal Bone Armaments can also be a great defensive option (shoulders/shield/boots would be my preference). 2 piece myth IKs or 4 piece myth mavs are also nice. Make sure you have a source of crushing blow, e.g. Gore Riders, Mal rune, etc. General focus on gearing should be for +skills -> AR/Def -> resists/HP -> elemental damage. Trapsin damage is so high already, being tankier can help a lot as it will let you use Phoenix Strike/Cobra Strike/Blade skills for an extra DPS source as well.


Bosses: Until you have 20k+ HP, just drop traps and run in circles, staying in conviction range. Auto occasionally with Cobra/Phoenix Strike for AR. Shadow Masters will have a high level phoenix strike and inherit your CB, which should speed up bosses a bunch.
Clearing: just spam lightning sentry + wake of inferno and keep running, back tracking as needed for drops.

Other notes: Full Myth Nats can be used for a hybrid blade fury/sentinel + trapsin build. This is probably stronger with sin/sorc for the extra flat damage. Keep in mind maxed shadow master is amazing with Nat's chest - each one can do like 20M dps on their own, as well as applying CB really quickly. With sin/pally, you'll have plenty of points leftover so you can also use a spammable ability like Phoenix Strike for more damage/CB application.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Start with Assassin - use fire blast or shockweb until you can unlock Charged Bolt Sentry. From there, just max charged bolt sentry. Once that's maxed, go into pally and pick up charge. Then work your way to Conviction and max that. After conviction is maxed, work on maxing lightning sentry + death sentry for clear. Use A2 Prayer or A4 support for mana problems. Early points into Cobra Strike can help a bunch as well. Other options include ectoplasms, any mana leech you can get, or just using an insight as your weapon for meditation aura (very strong one on insight).

Devotion wise, just priotize getting Rhowan's Crown and Widow for res reduction, then Bard's Harp, Harvestman, and Tree of Life for tankiness and mana regen.

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