Basic Ele Javazon

Rot Version:
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Toad, Quill, Empty Throne, Eel, Lotus, Panther, Scholar's Light
Widow, Solemn Watcher, Bard's Harp, Harvestman's Scythe, Rhowan's Crown
Attack Seru, the Mirage, Azrakaa, the Eternal Sands, Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun, Obelisk of Menhir, Tree of Life

Helm: Lore -> Shako/Andy Visage/Myth Mavs/Royal Bone Helm
Chest: Stealth -> Peace/Enlightenment -> Fort/CoH/Arkaine's/Enigma. Fort is best for weapon damage focus (zon/pally usually. CoH is always good)
Weapon: Serenity->Myrinas/Titan's/Thunderstroke -> Mythical Tstrokes/Myth Demons Arch/Myth Titans
Shield/Offhand: Anything -> Splendor -> Spirit/Dragonscale/Exile (Dragonscale for sorc hydra damage, Spirit for all skills, Exile for pally skills and very good tanky stats)
Offhand: You can use one for zon/sorc for more hydra CDR and nice offensive stats. Palashias is good, as are some GD ones
Amulet: Maras/Seraphs (highlords if you want to focus on charged strike speed)
Rings: BKs/SoJ/Thiefs Torment always good. Raven+Dwarf set can be used as well, but you need to change gear/devotions/skills to focus on fire + cold instead of lightning.
Pants: Ele dmg/AR/defense/phys resist/HP/other resists priority. Myth Mavs can be used
Shoulders: Same as pants, Myth Nats great for damage. Some piercing -> elemental conversion GD shoulders also a solid option
Gloves: Soul Drainers great for mana/damage/cast speed. Otherwise look for pants stats (cast/attack speed good too). Laying of Hands great for charged strike focused single target build. Myth Mavs for 3/4 piece bonus is solid. Gauntlets of Ignaffar for pierce -> fire conversion are good too.
Boots: Gores/Myth Mavs for CB. Otherwise Myth IK/Nats for set bonuses, or any boots with high movement speed. Sandstorm Trek great for HP/Crit dmg as well.
Belt: Myth IK for tankiness, myth mavs for set bonus, myth/non-myth tals for flat damage. Myth Chains of Anguish/Arachs for all skills. GD belts for piercing -> fire conversion can be good for sorc builds too.
Relic: Concentration Titans, Lightning Fury proc zon trinket for clear, Conviction Pally torch (only on zon/sorc), Sorc/Zon torches (pally not worth using)
Medal: ele dmg -> annihilus. Max res medals viable for HC.

Components / Augments

Components: Gul runes until 4k AR Pally, 6k AR sorc. Pul/Cham/Zod for the rest. Use 1 Mal if you don't have any other sources of %hp reduction. Legendary components are of course legendary to use if you have any.

Facets: Phys or Pierce to Lightning/Elemental. Elemental better on sorc, lightning for pally. Look at which one has more damage to figure out which is better for conversion.

Other components: Res/HP until you're comfortable with values, Mark of the Traveler boots and Restless Remains gloves are also good.

Augments: HP/AR/Defense/Ele dmg main things to focus on. Armor components should be res until capped/overcapped, HP/defense once you're happy with resists (150hp/16def my personal favorite, although %hp ones are good too)


Zon skills:
Lightning Fury: Max
Penetrate: Max or enough for AR breakpoint (e.g. lvl 31 is 16% AR, lvl 32 is still 16%)
Critical Strike: Max
Charged Strike: Max for pally variant, # depends for sorc on if you want to melee or just use Hydra for single target.
Retreat: Max - defense and speed
Evade - max or all remaining - reduces entrapment which is nice on bosses
Dodge/Avoid - 1 - remaining. Projectile dodge feels better to me for any points.
Inner Sight - 1- remaining remove some enemy defense.
Jab: 1- remaining - AS and AR boost.
Power Strike: 1-remaining very small damage boost as most of the damage is in the charged strike projectiles, not the melee hit.
Valkyrie - 0-1 point - pretty weak but can draw some aggro.
Slow Missiles - 0-1 point for debuff/devo proc. Doesn't do anything on bosses but can be nice in SR.
Decoy: 0-1 point - draw aggro

Sorc variant:
Hydra: Max (can skip if you only want to use charged strike for single target)
Enchant: Max
Energy Shield: Max
Pathology: Max
Lightning Mastery: Remaining-Max
Fire Mastery: Remaining-Max if using hydra, 1 point otherwise.
Frozen Armor: remaining or max
Shiver/Chilling Armor: 1-extra
Blizzard: 1 for CB procs
Cold Mastery: 1 for CDR/max res. Hydra build can put points until CDR breakpoint (1.4 or 1.3s cd)
Teleport: 1 for movement
Frost Nova/Nova: 1 point in on of them if you want for breaking barrels (LFury is pretty good on its own though)
Meteors: 0-1 for more CB/leech procs

Pally variant:
Conviction: Max
Holy Shield: Max
Charge: 1 point for movement
Zeal: 1-remaining, keep on left click for more attack speed and AR
Fist of the Heavens: 1-max Solid single target damage and procs CB quickly. Also used to leech at range.

Extra Information

Stats: Really depends on what you want. Generally, dex for the AR breakpoints listed in components, enough intelligence to not have mana issues, rest into strength for tankiness. On pally variant, I ended up with 80/20 str/int, no points in dex.

Sorc variant - higher possible single target, smooth leveling with Hydras. More micro intensive on bosses as you'll need to juggle pathology, hydra, blizz, melee, etc.

Pally variant - my personal preference for more tankiness and conviction. Easier gearing overall as AR shouldn't be a problem at all. Single target is a little lower than sorc, but between maxed jab and zeal, your will have capped attack speed for very good Charged Strike damage.

Devotions: Gets a little confusing here - this is a rough outline but lots of small tweaks possible. Purple and Blue crossroads for the setup as outlined. 5 in tree of life (skip %hp/%regen), 5-6 in korvaak, 3-5 in obelisk of menhrir, 4 in azrakaa, 5 in attack seru. 2 points in Light of Empyrion is really good as well, especially if you have fire damage. 4 points in Leviathan or Vire's can be good for phys res and other stats. 3 point in Obelisk always at least, 5 can be good for block/stun/freeze res if you need it. Build has Lotus, but Magi is better if you're using a caster offhand for Hydra CDR. Solemn Watcher <-> Ulo's and Empty Throne <-> Owl are interchangeable. Wraith for Harvestman's can be good if you want more T3 devotions. Can drop purple xroad + toad for Owl/Empty Throne + Hawk (gives up 2 points elsewhere).

Mercenary: A4 offensive my favorite, A4 defensive to cap res if needed, or A5 battle orders for more HP are solid as well. While leveling/bad gear, A3 lightning can be good for some flat damage.

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

Sorc variant: Sorc leveling is easier IMO, start with sorc, charged bolt or any skill til level 15, respec and go 40 in sorc mastery, 1 in warmth, rest in Hydra. Early Leaf or unique staff until Spirit + Splendor. Can use maxed hydras + leaf and go into hell easily. When you can, switch to Serenity/Myrinas/any javelin and use lightning fury for clear (would wait for ~lvl 60 with maxed Hydra, Enchant, Lightning Fury, as well as some points in other passives)

Pally variant: Either pally or zon is fine, I think pally is easier. Smite + Might or Sacrifice + Prayer til level 5 or so. Switch to Holy Bolt and use that or Blessed Hammer for rest of normal. Max Fist of the Heavens for single target (won't need until late norm/nm).

Leveling as zon: If you want to level as zon, I'd suggest bows until level 10 or so, then switching to charged strike until level ~30. Level 30, max lfury + charged strike, rest in passives.

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