Aesthetically Correct Druid

Rot Version:
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Tortise, Assassin's Blade, Hammer, Scholar's Light, Eel, Hawk, Panther, Sailor's Guide
Kraken, Ulzaad, Herald of Korvaak, Rhowan's Sceptre, Crab, Chariot of the Dead, Scales of Ulcama
Oleron, Light of Empyrion

Weapon: Breath of the Dying mace
Hands: Grasp of Unchained might (myth v. if possible) or Laying of Hands.
Shoulders: get lucky on SR MI roll, anything with Defense+resists/dmg/AR would be best
Head: Andy visage
Chest: Chains of Honor
Pants: Same as shoulders
Belt: Ugdenbog belt/verdungo/arach
Boots: Gore Rider
Rings: 1x BulK, 1x Black Matriarch
Amulet: Highlords
Medal: Druid anni
Relic: Druid Torch + maul skill

Components / Augments

Weapon: Gul Rune
Head: Pul (yes we don't need that 3rd Gul, don't be a pancy, break the meta!)
Chest: Gul Rune
Rings: Acid > Phy Facets
Amulet: Ele > Phy Facet
Medal: Ele > Phy Facet


Skills:DRUID Max Maul, bread and butter of this build. 1 in feral rage for mobility. Max werewolf (or werebear, ur pick, i went for wolf). life+dmg sage . hurricane and armageddon are fun playtoys for buffs. Fury for Cows. 1 in raven and pets

SOLDIER Max: War cry and Break Morale (till its effective upgrade points), Field Command + Squad Tactics. 1-4 points each in the passives, lvl18 Menhirs Will. 1 point Counter strike. 1 point in Blitz+modifier.

Extra Information

You're getting sick of the sorc+ w/e meta right? You wanna feel like a man right? Feel sorry for those who dual wield just cuz they need that 2nd Gul rune on their weapon? Thats right. You're a manly Nature Warder (I didn't pick this name), two-handing and clubbing shit to death. Since you're a druid, it's AESTHETICALLY ESSENTIAL TO USE TWO-HANDED WEAPONS, dont let anyone tell you otherwise. This is how druids do.

Stats: 85% str, 15% dex

Devotion Notes: Scales (right 4 nodes)

Mercenary: A2 B. Aim

Leveling Guide (If Applicable)

The early levels, use the fire spells of the druid, firestorm, molten builder etc, respeccing as you level up to get the next fire spell in the line till you reach fissure. While leveling like this, 1 point in wolf (or bear) and 3 points in maul is enough for the single targets, put everything else in Fissure. Fissure does a lot of damage and will pretty much carry you through all of nightmare and normal, only the occassional hero/boss that needs some actual slapping.

As for gear, the standard cathan's ring and angelic ring + amulet will make it all go easy. Fissure isn't that hard on mana, but if you do need mana use a skull or 2. Early levels, just get to Kraken Devo ASAP (Eel+Scholars Light will get u access to Kraken), and use any 2 hander you find. Steel and Honor and Black runewords are strong options early stages. If you're lucky enough for an Athena's Wrath, this will work from lvl42 to lvl70 easily. At this point, start looking into the other runewords (low %armor piercing preferred)

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